WIP Wednesday - A Quiet House

I have to admit I would blog every morning dutifully if every morning went like this morning has so far.  And I would love life immensely.  It is 8:45 am.  I woke up at 8, started reading in bed for a bit, then I just came downstairs and got my coffee started.  It's storming outside my windows and my daughter is still asleep.  This is positively the most peaceful morning I have had in ages.  It must be karma.  I flat out and can tell you I deserve a morning like this and it's about damn time.

I also hope that there is more of this in my future with daylight savings coming to an end this week, but it could very well mean I'll have more of the opposite.  I'm scared though because Miss A has been up at 5 am twice this week.  How much earlier could it get?  I've had a week from utter hell.  She's been sick.  I've been sick.  She's been embracing the climbing, crying and utterly defying actions of the terrible twos all at the same time.  I've needed some solace.  It's no wonder that I've left my sewing behind this week and only concentrated on knitting.  I think the knitting honestly takes less brain work. And I've been doing alot of it.

Three projects going on this week.  One is off the needles so you can come back on Friday to see it.  I've been continuing on with my Grandpa scarf.  I'm knitting the pattern Celtic Cables and it's not like this is my first time knitting a cable.  But it is my first time knitting several traveling cables all at the same time like this pattern.  I was a little intimidated by it at first and thought it would just be one of those patterns that requires a bit of extra concentration.   I discovered that this is my "no brain required" knitting for the time being.  When I'm utterly drained at the end of the day and don't want to think about what I'm doing I'm pulling this cabled scarf out. This is a sure sign that I am advancing as a knitter.  I never once thought I would consider a cabled scarf like this autopilot knitting.  It's also becoming a bit potato-chippy which I think is probably a great sign since I have a lot more to go.

Next up, I'm getting back to Nozky for Baby.  I've realized I have all the things I want to cast on syndrome, but I always feel like I don't make real progress when I have so many projects on the needles at once.  So I like to whittle down my WIPs first.  These baby leg warmers are something small and easy that should be done in no time!  I'm thinking maybe today?  Especially with this wet and stormy day that lies ahead.

The book.  I'm reading The Yarn Whisperer as half the knitting world itself is.  Maria of Subway Knits instagrammed (that's not actually a word.  I made it a word) about reading it and in my head I shouted "Yay! I am too".  Then I said we should have a read-along in the group.  It's not really a formal one since some of us have started, some of us may have finished and some people just decided to order the book.  But it's a nice place to go and discuss Clara Parke's writing. This book is made up of small essays.  They all relate in some way to a fiber topic, but almost as in comparison to something else. I'm realizing while reading this book that I'm finding the topic at hand more compelling than the actual way it relates to fiber.  This tells me how great of a story teller she is that I could almost take or leave the fiber content.  And that's the only reason I picked it up in the first place.  That might sound like a criticism but really I'm saying that she does such a great job with her writing that she doesn't have to write about fiber to entice me to want to read more. This is a good thing.

Linking up to Tami's Amis for WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along this week since I actually had some reading to talk about.


WIP wednesday

Welcome to the house of sick.  This is where I have lived this past week.   Laundry on the floor, dishes in the sink, unfolded clothes in the laundry basket, dirty tissues next to the bed, humidifier in the kiddos room.  Yep, this is my life.  Temporarily "single" mom with a sick kid and of course that means nothing gets done.  Now that I think of it, every time Miss A has been pretty sick Daddy has been gone.   Then of course, I get sick too.  It means we've  spent lots of time watching movies on the couch and lots of crying.  And for me?  Lots of reading since it's one of the few things I can do while holding the poor thing.  Also lots of knitting.  Once she went to sleep I was too exhausted from taking care of a sick toddler to do anything useful, then as the week went I became sick enough to just knit and watch tv after bedtime.  The good news?  I have something to share this week!  My daughter is also getting used to the idea that Mommy's knitting needles are not for her.  She's not quite there but we are making progress which might mean more knitting time for me!
This week I've made tons of progress on The Celtic Cables Scarf.  Also finished one Crofton Cuff and I'm about half way through the second.  Linking up with Tami's WIP Wednesday as always!


Deleted It - Blogger App Review

I'm purely sick and tired of the Blogger App.  Anyone else have issues with it?  For a website used so often you would think they would finally improve their app.  First the issue was that you couldn't put pictures where you wanted in posts; you could only upload the pictures and they would all be at the top of the post (or the bottom).  I would write my post up then have to go to the laptop to play with picture orientation.  Well, they have finally done something about the pictures, but the issue with links remains.  What issue?  The fact that you cannot put in hyperlinks at all.....that's a big issue.  I've reviewed the apps, and so have so many others.  It apparently doesn't matter much to them.

Now I'd probably be asking me the question, why do you even use the app?  Well, when you have a toddler that insists on climbing up the bookshelf into your lap everytime you try to sit and use the computer you'd understand.  Sometimes she just makes it a real pain to sit down.  So I use the app and sit on the couch and she leaves me alone.  Kind of.  Then, when you are using pictures from your phone it makes it a whole lot easier, instead of logging in on the browser app, or emailing the pictures to myself.  So I typically use both.  Back and forth.  For one post.  It gets rather annoying.

As if this wasn't enough to frustrate a person.  The past two posts I've completed as well as some others I've started in the past have completely disappeared.  I guess this is partially my fault, because I didn't technically hit the save button.  But so many of you have iphones.  When someone texts or calls or you just want to jump to another app you expect to return to the Blogger app and have the same exact page sitting and waiting for you.  It never is.  So if I get interrupted by something else which happens a lot with smart phones I can't return to my post.  I'm so sick of losing progress that I've altogether deleted the app.  I'm very upset with this and wish they could improve upon themselves.  I've had the app for over two years now and I've already explained the minuscule improvement they've made in two years.  I thought Blogger was better than that.


Finish My Thoughts

Last week I started posting.  I wrote 70% of a WIP Wednesday post they never finished it.  I'm back this week to finish my thoughts.  I was writing about how jealous I was of some of my fellow knitters and bloggers.  The gorgeous yet simple pictures so many post that I wouldn't be surprised to see hanging on someone's wall or heck, some even belong in an art gallery as far as I'm concerned. I feel that since I moved back to the states from Germany and had a child the photography I've posted on my blog has drastically gone downhill. Part of that is because I now depend on the convenience factor of pictures from my iPhone.    Last week I mentioned that I couldn't even take good photos if I wanted to because our Nikon went to Afghanistan with the husband.  I've made two improvements since last week at the very least.   Today I updated my iPhone from a 4 to a 5c so the pictures I do take will now at least bit a bit more crisp and clear.  I've also ordered a replacement charger for our Sony Cybershot so I at least have a camera to use.  Any suggestions so my pictures might hold a candle to some others would be greatly appreciated.

Since October 1st I've cast on 3 new projects.  Two Christmas presents, both of which have pattern challenges.  By this I don't mean the pattern is challenging to me (which they very well may be but I always try to challenge my skills) but I'm referring to how they were written.  Let's just say they aren't the most clearly written.   Typically when something like that happens I just find a different pattern I like for the yarn but when you are making Christmas gifts sometimes these patterns just scream "make for [imput lived ones name here].  That is exactly what happened with The Gradual Rib Hat.  It's perfect for my brother (with size modifications of course) and I ordered the yarn in Philidelphia Eagles colors.   I've even contacted the designer for clarification.  No reply.  Not many projects for helpful notes to look through either. Needless to say it's been ripped from the needles and I'll have to start over.  

I have cast on a project for myself.  The Crofton Cuffs.  This yarn I bought from the Alexander's Crafts booth at the Michigan Fiber Fest.  This is the yarn that broke my 8 month yarn diet!  It's also the only yarn i bought already knowing what project it would become!  I will order more from her.  I will say that it is amazing how much faster projects get made when they are for yourself, but I think there are two sides to this coin.  I think the projects that linger are also the ones for yourself because you know you don't have deadlines for yourself.   


As If You Haven't Heard it Enough

The government is shutdown.  Now I'm not big into politics but this pisses everyone off.  Especially me.  A military spouse.  I have a few things to share on my opinion and feel free to skip this post if you don't want to hear my view.  There might be a few choice words used as well.

This might not be what you expect me to say, a spouse of a soldier who is currently overseas, but other wives are the people who have driven me to my wits end most about this damn shutdown.  I really wish they would get their shit together so the idea of missing a paycheck or two is not the end of the world!  I can't believe I'm the one saying this since I'm not exactly an expert at managing my finances, but these families really need to learn to control their spending.  Mind you today is the 6th.  Payday was less than a week ago and I know people who are already worrying about getting less (because the bill was passed to pay us, but we might not get everything we are entitled to at this point) money this month because they are already broke.  I don't get it.  And the worst culprits?  The ones with deployed spouse.  I'm not going to give you numbers but my husband is getting close to double his paycheck while he is deployed.  This includes things like combat pay, separation pay, imminent danger, all things that probably won't be included this month, but have been since he's gotten there.  So I ask, WHERE IS YOUR MONEY GOING?  Hell, I understand a little extra spending.  I've gone to a fiber festival and bought a TV.  I still have money in our checking AND savings!

Then there is the whole commissary closing deal.  If you aren't close to anyone in the military or a base itself you may not have heard the drama over this.  But they are furloughed.  So the commissary closes. Naturally.  Would you really think otherwise?  Now OCONUS (overseas) this is not the case.  There are so many spouses, soldiers and families in general that are freaking out.  Seriously.  I'm going to say it again.  Get your shit together!   There are 8 regular groceries stores within 20 minutes.  I shop at the commissary every week, so I'm not saying this because I don't ever use it in the first place like some spouses I know of.  Some food is cheaper and some truly is not.  Some meat is ok and some places around here have much better quality.  I'm not trying to evaluate the quality of the commissary in the least. It might be more convenient to drive 5 minutes instead of 20.  Do you know how many people have to drive an hour to get to a grocery store?  Hell, when I lived in Germany many of us had to drive 40 minutes to even get to the commissary!  I'm just saying, for a week, a month, even a few months you people should be able to handle going off post.  Put your big girl (or big boy) panties on and suck it up.

Don't get me wrong here.  I believe my husband and those doing his job are entitled to their pay well before Congress and the President.  And any pay they don't get during this shutdown, they better get back pay for very soon after this whole thing is over.  You know, after Congress can stop giving each other the silent treatment and acting like 7 year olds.  My husband isn't fighting this war, as you all think of soldiers doing.  He is MEDIVAC this time around (3rd deployment under his belt) which means he is saving the lives of those who are fighting, and those natives that get stuck in between!  If it wasn't for all of the guys and gals doing the job he's doing the casualty rate would be higher on both sides, and for that they are heros.  And heros deserve a paycheck.  But I will say this, most of them would stay there and do this job as volunteers, even if they were told they weren't going to get paid and were given the option to leave (not that it would ever happen) and for that I am proud.


A Bit of Instant Gratification

I actually have a few projects I've finished this week.  In fact if I shared everything with you I'd have 7 things to show you!  But that would consist of way too much typing.  So for now, sewing.  I really do love it and now I'm trying to work on quick things and not get involved in any big projects.  This is because the Craftsy Sew-Along for October is a wonderful dress I have purchased the material for and it starts Oct 15th. I don't want to have to finish something before I can start the dress!  I can't wait!  It's jersey though and I've never made a dress so I hope it's not too difficult.  Let me know if you are participating too!

For this week I have two blankets to share!  I talked about the binding last week for my daughter's and I just went with splitting the difference and using each color for half the blanket.  Her's is now in the closet ready to be a Christmas gift.  And the kitty one is in a box packed and addressed ready to go.  It's for my best friend's daughter for when the new baby comes home.  These blankets are seriously super simple.  I had 1.5 yards cut, and just sewed on a matching blacket binding all along the edges.  If you want to do this make sure you buy two packs of blanket binding!

Also finally finished the pajama pants I started for myself!  I absolutely loved this fabric with garden tools and birds on it!  And they are just my colors!  I used a pattern for it, but I seriously had to cut 3 inches off the top.  They were WAY too big.  Still a bit big, but that makes a comfy pant so I'm not complaining much.

Linking up to Tami's Amis a little late.  It was supposed to publish yesterday but didn't for some reason.