2 years 7 months

That's exactly how long that darn sweater of death was on the needles.  And 1 week ago I was rejoicing and had such a huge weight off my shoulders!  I finished the darn thing.  Granted I still have to block it which might be time consuming but should be easy enough.  Then there is the dreaded installation of a zipper.  I'll be damned if it's not perfect though.  There's this voice inside me that just says "get it done!  who cares if its not perfect, you will be 100% done with it".  And boy do I want to give into that voice just a little - but I know better.  After almost 3 years of work on this sweater I don't want to screw up something so "little" as the zipper.  That's in quotes since really nothing about this sweater is even near little.  But I want it to be great!  I want my hubs to show it off.  I want him to boast "my wife made this for me!!"  If that zipper is half-assed I'd be hiding behind a rock somewhere when he says that instead!  So here it is -  the sweater off the needles and on a model way too small for it.  There will be a photo shoot when it is really DONE - that was one of the conditions in making this sweater.  I don't care how much my husband hates the camera!

This picture is so awful and was just meant for my hubs.  Feel special that I'm sharing it with you.  Very special.
Now that this is done and I have my sewing room back I'm been going crazy with sewing projects.  I've been doing well with my "finish what you start" theme for 2015 and have intentions of finishing one sweater and ripping one sweater.  Then the plan is to start the lovely Artemisia Sweater and follow the sister Craftsy class for it.  Hopefully that will keep me on track!!  I'll leave you with my latest FO and yes - that sure is some of the very coveted Frozen material (i found a steal on it!)


Talk about a 180

My last post I talked about how I have not knit anything this year.  I've done a 180.  Now I have finished one pair of fingerless gloves for my Grandma, one pair of tube socks for my daughter, ripped a shawl for my Grandma twice (started with a new pattern each time) and only have the border left (3rd times a charm right?!) and I knit the Drizzle hat.  I also pulled out the Owlet sweater I had hibernating because if I finished in the size I was knitting it would be way too tight for Miss A.  And the best part?  I'm almost done with the Sweater the Never Ends.

This sweater has a few names - the Sweater that Never Ends, the death of me, the $^%$*#()@# but mostly Hubby's Sweater.  I started this sweater in 2012.  Yes.  Over 3 years.  Granted a majority of the time has been spent in UFO bin.  I have finally finished the whole body.  I've knit the sleeves and now am half-way done with the hood.  I cannot tell you how much a relief this is to me, getting so close.  And now there is no way I will put it back into hibernation, because I can taste the finish line!  So far my year of "Finish What I Start" is well on it's way.  I've ripped one sweater, have another one I plan to rip and as soon as I'm done with Hub's then I'm finishing another for me.  That one will be quick and painless.  Then I plan to cast on!  I've been waiting patiently to cast on what I consider a "real" sweater.

So, in hindsight, I have one piece of advice for you all.  Never, and I mean never, knit a man size Large of an all stockinette stitch cardigan.  Flat stockinette the whole way through.  Guys, the only reason this sweater took so long; pure boredom.  Don't do it.  Just don't.