Finally an FO

I finished this but didn't post last week.  It was a simple knit I know, but oh so darn cute.  Modified the hat pattern to make my daughter a matching hat/cowl set.  She looks pretty darn grown up in it.  I might decide she needs to wait 10 more years to wear it again.

Projects Page: Aston Cowl
Pattern: Aston
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WIP #10 - When You Don't Know What To Knit

Literally, I have nothing to show.  I cast off one project, put another in hibernation till I hear back about some stash yarn since I've run out, and ripped out another (yep, frogged the Hoaloha sorry to say).  My only current project on the needles is my husband's boring sweater.  And I've only added about 5 rows to that this month!

This is a problem that needs remedying!  Typically I wouldn't even have this issue.  I'd be trying to get something done with the new project in mind and on the needles it goes when I finish one.  And that's if I wait till I finish one.  So I have a few ideas stirring in my head but I don't know what to do yet!

I want to make a dear friend of mine and my husband's a beanie.  He's been having a hard time living where he is and is away from most family and friends right now.  He also sent the whole family wonderful Christmas gifts so I'd like to do something kind for him.  I typically send him cookies since he loves my baking, but I wanted to do something a little more special.  But I'm stash diving.  So I have to figure out what yarn I have that might work for him, if any.

I've been itching to knit a hat for myself.  I especially love the Toorie hat my swap partner knit for me and am hoping to knit another cloche style hat for myself.  I want to wait on this though because I'm thinking it will be the Oak Trail Hat by Alana Dakos and I want to knit it for the Subway Knits Alana Dakos KAL (I just announced this KAL in the Ravelry Group yesterday and am very excited! Please feel free to join us!)  I recently added the Mahalo Hat by Laura Linneman to my queue.  That could be a contender, although I might be drowning in knit hats and might have to clean out my closet soon!

I could always use another pair of socks.  I've been wanting to knit Kai Mei by Cookie A forever now and have the perfect yarn for them which I finally found.  Cascade Heritage in a nice muted yellow color.  But I really should rip and redo the toe on my Black and Blue Socks first.  They've been waiting.  But I'm sick of ripping them!

See the confusion I have today!  I just don't know where to start!  But maybe that's a good thing.  Because I don't know where to start maybe I should just put the knitting aside, sit down and the sewing machine and get my daughter's Easter Dress done.  Maybe the world is trying to tell me something.  When you don't know what to knit, you should sew....

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A Mood

I haven't been in the greatest mood today.  I wasn't thrilled to get up and go to a mandatory (for the hubs) company picnic at 9 am!  Let's just say it was cold this morning and that is with a high of 80 F today.  Imagine if it was tomorrow - high of 49.  Who's idea was this?! 80 degrees in March is a FLUKE and no one knew it would be like this when it was scheduled. Oh, and it was wet.  Did I mention that?  They make the guys play a kickball tournament, which with grown men can never end well.  Am I right?  Well, 5 minutes in the first man on base runs when the next ball is kicked and naturally tries to get to second base.  As all men do...  Only these guys, all in aviation and not exactly ones to play organized sports don't really understand the concept of not standing in the base line.  Huh, imagine that.  I'm sure you can picture what happened next.  The guy running is watching the ball, the guy standing there is....well, watching the ball.  And they collide.  And we have blood shed.  Alot of it. This guy running just happened to be my husband.  A trip to the hospital and a diagnosis of broken nose and possible concussion preceded.  So you can imagine my mood when I was at a function I obviously had a bad feeling about.

On a much better note, I thought tonight might be a good night to update my blog.  I had the intentions of updating the links in my Sunday Gratitude post and connecting it to the Mr. Linky on Sunday.   Didn't happened.  I logged in though and found a bunch of comments on my last two posts!  I was very excited because you see, I love comments.  Who doesn't?  And I haven't been getting quite as many as of late.  So a very happy baby tonight, and a bunch of comments has put me in a bit of a better mood.  Thank you readers!  I owe that to you.  Well, the comments part.  If you put my daughter in a good mood you'll have to share the secret!

Here's the link I failed to add in later on Sunday. The book my swap partner gifted me was Sock Yarn Studio by Carol J. Sulcoski.  Any book with Zauberball on the front has to be good.  There are a few patterns I love including the Poppy Beret and Cushington Square Pillow.  The beret, which is really a beanie as far as I can tell, I know I will make for myself.  The pillow would be quite a challenge for me yet.  Maybe in a few years.  

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share the finished - finished object from two weeks ago. It's the Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig and I know I showed you already but the buttons I just so darn cute you have to see them on!  They are from Joyafibers on Etsy.  The picture of Annabelle wearing the gorgeous sweater is more true to color.  Check out my posts like mine at Tami's Amis FO Friday.


Gratitude Sunday

Been out of blogging this past week or so. Using this cold, comfy day to get back into it with a Gratitude Sunday post. It's a packed one.

} still wearing PJs after noon on a Sunday and slowly enjoying my coffee with my new Creme' Brûlée creamer. The husband even got the kiddo dressed this morning without me even asking! Currently my daughter is just sweetly sitting in her Daddy's lap and they both really seem to be enjoying the bonding time. And I enjoy the weekends when I don't have to tend to her every need. So far, a perfect Sunday.

} after the bank jerked us around for over a year we we finally able to get the right paperwork and the car is back on the road. Completely legally. No asking for rides and being in debt of favors to people, which I hate. Freedom!

} participated in the Subway Knits Downton Abby themed swap. My Mary got her package and was so in love with it! I was so grateful. I always get worried it won't be enough, or won't really fit her likes and needs quite as well as I hoped. She loved it so much she even spun half the fiber I sent in one night!

} also received my package! So many goodies in it! The chocolates are literally to die for! In fact I'm going to have to ask her where to get more. I really do love Raspberry - just about anything. The book is signed by the author. How cool is that? And it's a great book all about projects you can do with sock yarn without making socks! It's called Sock Yarn Studio by Carol J. Sulcoski. I also love the color of the yarn. I've used the adorable owl mug every day with coffee or tea since I've gotten it. I haven't mentioned everything, but I do love it all!

} She tried to share the show Call the Midwife for me, but turns out iTunes doesn't want to let me watch it. But my library has it! So my name is on the list. She raves about it and I can't wait to watch.

*ill be adding links when I can get to my computer and edit the post.