WIP Wednesday - A Quiet House

I have to admit I would blog every morning dutifully if every morning went like this morning has so far.  And I would love life immensely.  It is 8:45 am.  I woke up at 8, started reading in bed for a bit, then I just came downstairs and got my coffee started.  It's storming outside my windows and my daughter is still asleep.  This is positively the most peaceful morning I have had in ages.  It must be karma.  I flat out and can tell you I deserve a morning like this and it's about damn time.

I also hope that there is more of this in my future with daylight savings coming to an end this week, but it could very well mean I'll have more of the opposite.  I'm scared though because Miss A has been up at 5 am twice this week.  How much earlier could it get?  I've had a week from utter hell.  She's been sick.  I've been sick.  She's been embracing the climbing, crying and utterly defying actions of the terrible twos all at the same time.  I've needed some solace.  It's no wonder that I've left my sewing behind this week and only concentrated on knitting.  I think the knitting honestly takes less brain work. And I've been doing alot of it.

Three projects going on this week.  One is off the needles so you can come back on Friday to see it.  I've been continuing on with my Grandpa scarf.  I'm knitting the pattern Celtic Cables and it's not like this is my first time knitting a cable.  But it is my first time knitting several traveling cables all at the same time like this pattern.  I was a little intimidated by it at first and thought it would just be one of those patterns that requires a bit of extra concentration.   I discovered that this is my "no brain required" knitting for the time being.  When I'm utterly drained at the end of the day and don't want to think about what I'm doing I'm pulling this cabled scarf out. This is a sure sign that I am advancing as a knitter.  I never once thought I would consider a cabled scarf like this autopilot knitting.  It's also becoming a bit potato-chippy which I think is probably a great sign since I have a lot more to go.

Next up, I'm getting back to Nozky for Baby.  I've realized I have all the things I want to cast on syndrome, but I always feel like I don't make real progress when I have so many projects on the needles at once.  So I like to whittle down my WIPs first.  These baby leg warmers are something small and easy that should be done in no time!  I'm thinking maybe today?  Especially with this wet and stormy day that lies ahead.

The book.  I'm reading The Yarn Whisperer as half the knitting world itself is.  Maria of Subway Knits instagrammed (that's not actually a word.  I made it a word) about reading it and in my head I shouted "Yay! I am too".  Then I said we should have a read-along in the group.  It's not really a formal one since some of us have started, some of us may have finished and some people just decided to order the book.  But it's a nice place to go and discuss Clara Parke's writing. This book is made up of small essays.  They all relate in some way to a fiber topic, but almost as in comparison to something else. I'm realizing while reading this book that I'm finding the topic at hand more compelling than the actual way it relates to fiber.  This tells me how great of a story teller she is that I could almost take or leave the fiber content.  And that's the only reason I picked it up in the first place.  That might sound like a criticism but really I'm saying that she does such a great job with her writing that she doesn't have to write about fiber to entice me to want to read more. This is a good thing.

Linking up to Tami's Amis for WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along this week since I actually had some reading to talk about.


  1. Wow! I'm not to cabling-as-no-brain-knitting yet! :) I'm still at garter-stitch-as-no-brain-knitting. :)

  2. I wish you many many peaceful mornings! The book you're mentioning sounds like an interesting read indeed.

  3. Gosh! If I am doing any cable I have to concentrate really really hard....and even then I usually end up dropping stitches! The scarf looks lovely so far x


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