A Proud Momma

The past week Miss A has done a few things that sure make a Momma happy.  I know, you usually hear something like this and expect me to say something like "she used the potty" or "she put her own shoes on" or some type of milestone.  Not me.  Don't get me wrong, she hits milestones all the time and I get excited but they are part of her development.  They are in a way "normal" because they are things most kids do in the same timeframe.  

I have two proud moments from this week that are worth sharing.  The first: remember that Low Tide I made that upset me so immensely when she wouldn't wear it?  Well she let me put it on two days in a row.  Thursday she wore it for an hour.  That was a start.  Friday she wore it to daycare and kept it on the whole time!  I took it off at nap time, we put it back on when she woke up and she wore it the rest of the day!  I was so proud!

Second - We went out to eat Saturday night with a friend.  It's not something we do too often.  Toddler in a nice sit down restaurant.  I'm sure you get why it's not an often occurrence.  She climbed up the booth next to my friend and could see the TVs in the bar area from there. They had college football on.  The moment she saw it she put down her drink, clapped her hands and exclaimed "foo-ball! foo-ball". If you know me well you know my day stops the moment football starts.  I'm a huge fan of the NFL so this was a big deal to me.  Needless to say Miss A's anxiety about Daddy being gone seem to have subsided a bit as of late and we've really been having fun together!


FO Friday - The "Minnie" Skirt

See what I did there?  I made a pun.  That's right.  I hope you laughed, even if it was at just at me.  I actually have a finished object on Friday, that I showed you on Wednesday of the same week.  Let's just say that doesn't happen often.  I bought the pink polka dotted material from my local Jo Ann's for Miss A's Halloween costume.  I found the tutorial for the skirt on Pinterest of course. The original source is Makeitloveit.com.  I can't wait to see the whole costume together.  I just hope she loves wearing it as much as I love it.

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WIP Wednesday - Minnie!

Minnie mouse is Miss A's favorite.  Absolute favorite!  And she will scream it to the rooftops.  So naturally Miss A will transform to Miss Mouse on Oct 31st this year.  And I'm getting started on her costume.  In all truthfulness - it's super simple.  We are going with "modern" Minnie, which means pink, not red.  And I found the perfect material that I am currently making a fun and simple skirt with.   The nice thing?  She will be able to wear the skirt anytime.  She already has a perfect shirt for the costume so all that's left will be making the ears which I've also found tutorials on.  When I share the finished product I'll share all my sources as well.


Another thing that is on the sewing needle (get what I did there?) is a Minnie blanket.  I'm thinking we might save it for Christmas.  Although it's also super-simple, fleece with blanket-binding run around the sides, I've run into a bit of a dilemma.  Maybe you all can help.  I didn't pick up enough blanket binding so I went back yesterday.  Well, I didn't bring the blanket so naturally I bought the wrong pink blanket binding, its too bright.  After getting home I'm thinking they didn't have the right pink and my JoAnn's is currently having a closing sale because they have a new store opening up so they won't get it back in.  The new one doesn't open till November and I also really don't want to pay shipping (plus I can't color match well on the computer anyhow).  So here's my train of thought.  Could I do half the blanket with the one pink and the other half with the brighter pink?  There are bright and light pink stripes in the background of the blanket.  I'd love your opinions on this matter.  I really don't want to wait till November to finish it, even if it is a Christmas present.

 And of course I have knitting on the needles.  Who do you think I am?  I've been avidly working on a pair of pink baby leg warmers - the Nozky pattern.  I have one down, one to go and I want to make a hat to match (taking suggestions on that pattern).  I have till December but as you can tell from my whole post, I'm trying to get some things made ahead of time!  I've
also been reading a few books.  Just finished up The Yarn Harlot: Secret Life of a Knitter and listened to The 1st to Die by James Patterson (FINALLY).  I have most of the series in paperback but wouldn't start them till I read #1 in the series.  It was excellent and I will read more!

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FO Friday - A quickie

Probably the only thing I've finished in my absence has been the Low Tide I made for my daughter.  I have to tell you I am so proud of this knit and it might be one of my absolute favorites.  I made it out of Candy Skein yarn which was oh so yummy to work with!  It has wonderful color to it.  But you will notice.....there are no pictures of it on Miss A.  She refuses to wear it.  Absolutely with all of her energy, refuses.  She's never refused to wear anything in her entire wardrobe till this sweater.  It hurts.  It seriously hurts.  I know it's not like she understands that I put a lot of time and energy into it.  But that doesn't change how much I want to see her wear it with pride.  I guess it means I'll just have to make one for myself. Linking up with FO Friday before I head out the door to drop Miss A at daycare!  


I Know, I know....

It's been well over a month since the last time I've blogged.  It's WIP Wednesday and I should be sharing what is on the needles (which has drastically increased in the past few days).  But in all truthfulness I'm still getting caught up on things.

The last month and a half have been chaotic. As I've mentioned, the hubs deployed.  It was a rough time for all, but Annabelle and I are pretty tough cookies.  We must have a candy shell because we haven't broken yet (although today was pretty close for me).  We were home for a week and then had a visitor.  I loved having cousin Beka here.  There was lots of knitting to be had!  She is my husbands cousin and we didn't meet till last year, but if we didn't have an age difference we would swear we were twins separated at birth!  Now our visitor is gone and we are getting set into a new routine that includes daycare twice a week and a tumbling class.  As much as Annabelle loves both it's messing with her behavior.  And so are those darn teeth.  I've been on the brink of tears the past two days.  No break for this Momma.

Oh did I mention the laptop was dead for 3 weeks?  Yep.  Had to buy a new charger yet again.  Finally catching up on reading blogs with Feedly.  I've missed so much.  Felt the need to post but I don't have a camera right now to take pictures with to share anyhow.  I do owe a post about the Michigan Fiber Fest  which has been started.  I swear its coming.  I've missed sharing with you and I think I need the outlet as well.  Just wanted to let you know I haven't disappeared!