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Last week I started posting.  I wrote 70% of a WIP Wednesday post they never finished it.  I'm back this week to finish my thoughts.  I was writing about how jealous I was of some of my fellow knitters and bloggers.  The gorgeous yet simple pictures so many post that I wouldn't be surprised to see hanging on someone's wall or heck, some even belong in an art gallery as far as I'm concerned. I feel that since I moved back to the states from Germany and had a child the photography I've posted on my blog has drastically gone downhill. Part of that is because I now depend on the convenience factor of pictures from my iPhone.    Last week I mentioned that I couldn't even take good photos if I wanted to because our Nikon went to Afghanistan with the husband.  I've made two improvements since last week at the very least.   Today I updated my iPhone from a 4 to a 5c so the pictures I do take will now at least bit a bit more crisp and clear.  I've also ordered a replacement charger for our Sony Cybershot so I at least have a camera to use.  Any suggestions so my pictures might hold a candle to some others would be greatly appreciated.

Since October 1st I've cast on 3 new projects.  Two Christmas presents, both of which have pattern challenges.  By this I don't mean the pattern is challenging to me (which they very well may be but I always try to challenge my skills) but I'm referring to how they were written.  Let's just say they aren't the most clearly written.   Typically when something like that happens I just find a different pattern I like for the yarn but when you are making Christmas gifts sometimes these patterns just scream "make for [imput lived ones name here].  That is exactly what happened with The Gradual Rib Hat.  It's perfect for my brother (with size modifications of course) and I ordered the yarn in Philidelphia Eagles colors.   I've even contacted the designer for clarification.  No reply.  Not many projects for helpful notes to look through either. Needless to say it's been ripped from the needles and I'll have to start over.  

I have cast on a project for myself.  The Crofton Cuffs.  This yarn I bought from the Alexander's Crafts booth at the Michigan Fiber Fest.  This is the yarn that broke my 8 month yarn diet!  It's also the only yarn i bought already knowing what project it would become!  I will order more from her.  I will say that it is amazing how much faster projects get made when they are for yourself, but I think there are two sides to this coin.  I think the projects that linger are also the ones for yourself because you know you don't have deadlines for yourself.   


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Seed stitch looks amazing in that yarn!

  2. The cuffs look amazing knitted up in that gorgeous yarn. I wouldn't have been able to resist buying it either! Before starting my blog, I could have cared less about photography. But now I want to learn to take better pictures, too. Mimi from Eskimimi Makes has a very informative tutorial on taking pictures of knitting on her blog. I think there is also a Craftsy class on the subject. The picture of your cuffs looks lovely.


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