As If You Haven't Heard it Enough

The government is shutdown.  Now I'm not big into politics but this pisses everyone off.  Especially me.  A military spouse.  I have a few things to share on my opinion and feel free to skip this post if you don't want to hear my view.  There might be a few choice words used as well.

This might not be what you expect me to say, a spouse of a soldier who is currently overseas, but other wives are the people who have driven me to my wits end most about this damn shutdown.  I really wish they would get their shit together so the idea of missing a paycheck or two is not the end of the world!  I can't believe I'm the one saying this since I'm not exactly an expert at managing my finances, but these families really need to learn to control their spending.  Mind you today is the 6th.  Payday was less than a week ago and I know people who are already worrying about getting less (because the bill was passed to pay us, but we might not get everything we are entitled to at this point) money this month because they are already broke.  I don't get it.  And the worst culprits?  The ones with deployed spouse.  I'm not going to give you numbers but my husband is getting close to double his paycheck while he is deployed.  This includes things like combat pay, separation pay, imminent danger, all things that probably won't be included this month, but have been since he's gotten there.  So I ask, WHERE IS YOUR MONEY GOING?  Hell, I understand a little extra spending.  I've gone to a fiber festival and bought a TV.  I still have money in our checking AND savings!

Then there is the whole commissary closing deal.  If you aren't close to anyone in the military or a base itself you may not have heard the drama over this.  But they are furloughed.  So the commissary closes. Naturally.  Would you really think otherwise?  Now OCONUS (overseas) this is not the case.  There are so many spouses, soldiers and families in general that are freaking out.  Seriously.  I'm going to say it again.  Get your shit together!   There are 8 regular groceries stores within 20 minutes.  I shop at the commissary every week, so I'm not saying this because I don't ever use it in the first place like some spouses I know of.  Some food is cheaper and some truly is not.  Some meat is ok and some places around here have much better quality.  I'm not trying to evaluate the quality of the commissary in the least. It might be more convenient to drive 5 minutes instead of 20.  Do you know how many people have to drive an hour to get to a grocery store?  Hell, when I lived in Germany many of us had to drive 40 minutes to even get to the commissary!  I'm just saying, for a week, a month, even a few months you people should be able to handle going off post.  Put your big girl (or big boy) panties on and suck it up.

Don't get me wrong here.  I believe my husband and those doing his job are entitled to their pay well before Congress and the President.  And any pay they don't get during this shutdown, they better get back pay for very soon after this whole thing is over.  You know, after Congress can stop giving each other the silent treatment and acting like 7 year olds.  My husband isn't fighting this war, as you all think of soldiers doing.  He is MEDIVAC this time around (3rd deployment under his belt) which means he is saving the lives of those who are fighting, and those natives that get stuck in between!  If it wasn't for all of the guys and gals doing the job he's doing the casualty rate would be higher on both sides, and for that they are heros.  And heros deserve a paycheck.  But I will say this, most of them would stay there and do this job as volunteers, even if they were told they weren't going to get paid and were given the option to leave (not that it would ever happen) and for that I am proud.

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