Settling In

My life has been pretty chaotic this past month.   We have lived in the new house for just over a month now.  We've moved in, unpacked, had 3 visitors (going on 4 this weekend) and traveled back to my hometown for 5 days.  Like I said, crazy.  Not only that, but it's October, which means a whole lot to do in the surrounding areas.    Also - commissioned knits.  So I've kept myself busy, but of course still finding time for knitting!

#1 - designed a greyhound neck warmer for my Sister in law.  Still have to get it in the mail so a final picture is on hold.

#2 - a Milo knit out of Berry Colorful Yarnings out of Primary DK (formerly Squishy DK) for the dyer's trunk show.  If you have not tried out BCY Yarns DO SO!

#3 - Song of the Sea knit in Wollmeise color way Petite Posion Nr. 5.  This knit might be my most favoritest project ever!



     "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

It's true.  I'm not.  Hopefully never to return for any substantial amount of time.  With that said, there are still things I will miss.  Like driving through the Flint Hills, the 4% of prairie actually left.  The gorgeous sunsets.  Almost every night.  The memories of my daughters birth, and growth.  And of course friends- most of which won't even be there in less than a year to come as well.  This is the definition of Army life.


Of the Knitting Persuasion

So this is a bit sad, but proves how crazy my life is right now.  This post is the one I wrote last week.  Just never got the pictures up.  2 Weeks ago, my husband got the official paper copy of his orders, so last week our move date was scheduled.  Guess when that day is?  Next week!  Official chaos time.  So much to do.  Not only to prepare for movers, but to prepare for the 2 weeks my kiddo and I will be spending in the house without any "stuff".  And then there is close to a week of traveling.  Then you know, there is that small thing to do about when we get there....making sure we have a place to live!  So yeah, I've been busy.  Luckily I think the "place to live" is all taken care of.  Oh yeah....and 2 visitors in the next week.  So, this is Army life for you.  You don't always get 4 or 5 months to prepare for PCS.

So long since I've shared for an FO Friday post - at least that of the knitting persuasion.  A few things to share.  #1 - I'm done with the Armchair Travel KAL.  But there is still time!  The KAL goes till Sept 2, so please pop over and join us!!  Maria is giving away some great prizes for it!  I started out knitting a hat but low and behold not enough yardage (even though I should have.  hmph!) so I started and finished the Clara Cowl.  I was a bit confused with this one at the beginning, but kept on working along and boy is it a clever knit!  The way the cabling turns it into a reversible braid is so adorable.  Turned out cute as a button.  It's such a nice quick knit I think I could knit more.

#2 - Finished my Follow Your Arrow shawl a few weeks back, and blocked it.  But put it into my closet without weaving in the ends.  So today's task - weave in ends and take picture!


That Giant Sweater

I swear I feel like I'm knitting for a Giant.  My husband is a smallish guy.  I can't imagine if I was knitting for my Dad or someone of similar size.  I feel bad for all too many knitters I know that have more gigantor husbands right now.  I tried on the shoulders for the Helicopter Guy (I need something to call him on the blog.  That's his new name) and asked if he liked it.

Here's our conversation.
Me - "Do you like it?"
HG - "Yes of course I do.  If I didn't it wouldn't matter now though, you have this much done."
Me - "I'd rather start over, then knit a whole sweater you won't wear."
HG - "I'd wear it even if I didn't like it, because you made it for me."

I appreciate the sentiment and all, but really?  At least I know he loves me that much.  But the whole point of knitting is making something someone will get some use out of.  Granted I do make a lot of things I won't wear (mostly shawls) but they are always gifted to someone who will.  God help me, if he doesn't like this sweater, I'm giving it away to anyone that does.  Even after all the work.  Next time I pick a sweater for him it's going to be more of a "masculine" color (although he loves red), and more of a gansey type pattern.

I'd love to say I've been concentrating on the sweater too, and I was till I ran out of caked yarn.  I need to cake more and the only place in our house right now that I can put up the swift is on our TV stand and we were in the middle of the movie.  So I moved to something else.  Finished my Arm Chair KAL project and will share that on Friday.  Also ripped out one pair of socks, and plan to rip out another as well.  I'd really like to finish Miss A's sweater, which won't take too long.  Then as far as moving knitting I'm thinking Helicopter Guy's sweater, a sweater for myself, and a cowl I think I will be test knitting.  Of course if our household goods get packed a while before our move date, then I will have a lot of time for knitting.  More time than I might be able to handle.


All Too Fast

Things are happening fast around here.  I might be having my household goods packed up in as little as a week to two weeks.  It's a bit of a whirlwind and I'm trying to prepare for the idea of a few weeks in this house (and the next) without our stuff.  We are planning to drive both cars so everything we have will have to fit in the two cars.  This means no furniture.  Maybe a camp chair or two, and an air mattress.  This is where the dilemma comes in.....where is my toddler going to sleep?  She's too small for an air mattress, plus we'd have to buy one.  And if it was just a night or two she would be fine on the floor, but for a possible month or so?  I needed something else.  And of course I turned to Pinterest.    I saw a lot of tutorials for these types of sleeping mats made out of pillows.

But I didn't want something that was going to take up so much room in the car, especially because at the time we weren't even sure if we would have to pack everything into one car.  These sleeping mats are made from pillow cases and pillows, so I started brainstorming.  What is soft, can roll up smaller and will be comfy enough for Miss A to sleep on?  Thats when I thought of my yoga mat, which was a thick foam one, not the thin grippy ones).  Honestly I would prefer a new thinner one for yoga, and the one I had was ripped up from the cats. So I decided to upcycle the one I have for Miss A. 

I let her pick out some flannel material (which I of course used a coupon to buy)!  She picked out some owls - takes after Momma!  The mat I had already had velcro straps at the end so I put buttonholes in the bottom to pull the straps through.  I cut the end off so it was more appropriately sized for a toddler.  Attached some coordinating material at the top and stuffed it with polyfill. It's by no means professional, but  I'm very happy with my final result.  I'm not the only one happy with it.  Miss A hasn't left it for longer than 10 minutes the whole morning!  I think she will be more than happy to sleep on it.