Deleted It - Blogger App Review

I'm purely sick and tired of the Blogger App.  Anyone else have issues with it?  For a website used so often you would think they would finally improve their app.  First the issue was that you couldn't put pictures where you wanted in posts; you could only upload the pictures and they would all be at the top of the post (or the bottom).  I would write my post up then have to go to the laptop to play with picture orientation.  Well, they have finally done something about the pictures, but the issue with links remains.  What issue?  The fact that you cannot put in hyperlinks at all.....that's a big issue.  I've reviewed the apps, and so have so many others.  It apparently doesn't matter much to them.

Now I'd probably be asking me the question, why do you even use the app?  Well, when you have a toddler that insists on climbing up the bookshelf into your lap everytime you try to sit and use the computer you'd understand.  Sometimes she just makes it a real pain to sit down.  So I use the app and sit on the couch and she leaves me alone.  Kind of.  Then, when you are using pictures from your phone it makes it a whole lot easier, instead of logging in on the browser app, or emailing the pictures to myself.  So I typically use both.  Back and forth.  For one post.  It gets rather annoying.

As if this wasn't enough to frustrate a person.  The past two posts I've completed as well as some others I've started in the past have completely disappeared.  I guess this is partially my fault, because I didn't technically hit the save button.  But so many of you have iphones.  When someone texts or calls or you just want to jump to another app you expect to return to the Blogger app and have the same exact page sitting and waiting for you.  It never is.  So if I get interrupted by something else which happens a lot with smart phones I can't return to my post.  I'm so sick of losing progress that I've altogether deleted the app.  I'm very upset with this and wish they could improve upon themselves.  I've had the app for over two years now and I've already explained the minuscule improvement they've made in two years.  I thought Blogger was better than that.


  1. I agree - the app is terrible. I hardly update my blog because I have a similar toddler issue. (She thinks that if the computer is open, she should be using it.) If there was a good app for blogging from my DROID, I'd use it!

  2. I admit, I downloaded it, used it once or twice, determined it was pretty much useless for my purposes, and deleted it from my phone, too. You definitely aren't alone!


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