FO Friday #1 - Presents Galore

I missed last week.  I don't have anything new this week, but since I missed last weeks FO Friday I will share with you now!  Lots of presents!  The nice thing about waiting is I have pictures of recipients!

First and foremost is some dyed yarn.  I dyed it for the Pay It Forward Handmade I'm doing so if you are one of those three people it just might be for you!!  I think it would make some lovely socks!  It was also a bit of an experiment.  I used a very different dyeing method this go round, so I will be sure to post about my process later this week because I remembered to take pictures!

We had a bit of a treat last week.  A dear friend of my husband's (and mine!) visited all the way from South Carolina.  And he drove!  He's on the left, my hubs is on the right. Well, my husband sure was thrilled to have him here.  Of course I was reminded of the hat I was going to make him, a matching hat to my husband's Turn A Square Hat.  So I was guilted into knitting the hat for him in two days before he left.  I finished it in one!  Yay! Go me!  I just happened to look at the date I posted about my husband's and it was almost exactly a year ago - give or take a few days - from when I finished this one.  I guess it goes to show, as soon as fall comes around I really do start knitting hats!  They enjoyed being twins, as you can tell!

In May I started knitting The Boneyard Shawl.  I didn't talk about it much, except to mention I was knitting a Grad Gift.  I sent it off this week and of course forgot to take pictures.  But now I have better pictures to show anyway!  I picture of it on the recipient!  This is a dear friend Teresa, whom I've known since I was in High School.  I dated her brother, I've lived in her parents house, and our parents are still best friends.  So of course so are we!  I needed to do something special for her when she graduated from college, so I asked her what her favorite colors were.  One of them was pink.  I found this color of Lang Yarns Tosca Light in my stash (a Germany purchase) and it was just begging to be hers.  I also believe it whispered to me that it must become a Boneyard Shawl, nothing else would have been good enough.  Now, look at that smile on Teresa's face.  Do you think she liked it?!

Just a side note....please leave comments so I know you've found me after I've moved!  Thanks!!


WIP Wednesday 1?

A new start right?  I guess I will start fresh from the beginning.  Let's see how far I can make it.  Trying to be creative and come up with titles for my posts won't be as hard either!  In case you're just joining me here, I've moved.  I explain it here.  I'll ask once more....please be sure to change your RSS feed to my new blog address!  I really don't want to lose any readers!  I apologize for the inconvenience - gosh I sound like an "out of order" sign.

Since we are having a new start, let's start with the new.  I have a sewing project in the works!  I found an online tutorial, and then really just based what I wanted to do off it.  I've modified it beyond belief actually, otherwise I'd give credit where credit is due.  But I'm making a crib guard.  Not hard to come up with a pattern for anyways.  Just had to measure the sides of the crib!  Very easy.  Till I realized I hadn't unpacked my sewing kit yet - including my pins.  So I bought new ones.  Everyone can use more pins right?  Definitely turning the green and pink colors into my daughter's bedroom colors!  I figure if I just keep it pops of pink she won't get sick of it right?  Maybe that's wishful thinking.

Next up is Roo Two.  I now have knit a kangaroo's tail and 2 arms.  This pattern is seriously giving me a headache though!  If it was for ANYONE but my husband, it'd be frogged.  Just way too many pieces for a toy.  Which is also going to mean tons of sewing at the end too....ugh.  Can't wait.  I've tried to modify the feet twice, because I don't like the way they are designed, with no luck.  I figured I'd skip it and move onto the snout.  Yes, the snout is separate from the head.  See what I'm talking about!?  Well either my math is wrong or my fingers are making more stitches than they should be without my knowledge because I seem to end up with too many stitches after the second row every time.  I put it away for a few days, before I break a needle or two.

I have a HO (half - object).  I heard this term from SingleHandedKnits (which you should go watch by the way!  She is Aaa...mazing!  I'll do a post dedicated to her podcast later!)  My HO is a sock!  An Anastasia Sock which I'm calling the Forbidden Socks.  I've named them this because the color is custom dyed from A Stash Addict (also awesome by the way!) which she named Forbidden Love.  I'll probably be casting on the second sock in just a few minutes here.  I really love this pattern, although it does become a bit fidgety when the pattern does the whole 360 around the sock.  It gives an additional element to the sock without taking away from the color, which I like.

Last item on the list.  I mentioned the Happy Place Baby Blanket last week.  I've been trucking along on that!  Finally off magic-loop and the blanket is big enough for a 47" cable.  It's growing quite fast and I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way through it.  I'm not going to make it huge since it's for my daughter.  I'm not sure if I have enough yarn, but I'm just using cheap (but very soft!) Bernat's Baby Softee that I bought on clearance at Wal-mart.  If I don't have enough I've decided that I will buy more in a simple white to finish with a border.

Here's hoping you found me ok and you like the new look!  Be sure to go check out more WIP Wednesday Posts over at Tami's Amis and Other Creations!!


A New Start

Hi All!  Hope many of you found me from my Wordpress blog.  I hate to say it, but I've had to start again. So if you have a blog reader change your URL Feed now please!??!  I'd really hate to lose readers!

 I originally switched to Wordpress way back when, because Blogger was giving me trouble but I was in a foreign country which can be an issue sometimes when it comes to the internet and access to things.  I was also on a computer with a whole lot of viruses on it.  So I'm pretty sure I blamed all this at the time on Blogger, but in hindsight I'm sure Blogger had nothing to do with it.  I thought I liked Wordpress, but the longer I've used it the more I've grown to dislike it.  Some people love it, and I should mention I'm speaking of the free Wordpress. Some people pay for Wordpress and have amazing blogs.  I wish I could do that, but I can't have expenses like that right now.  Plus, I don't feel like it's worth it for something that is really just a hobby. The final straw was when all of a sudden my font went gray and you couldn't read it.  I played around with some HTML and still couldn't get it to work.  Then I thought I found a "it'll do" type replacement but I found that it was skipping posts I had.  Wasn't too thrilled!

 So here we are......back at Blogger.  And back with my good ole friends at Shabby Blogs for background and designing.  It will take me a little while to really whip it into shape, so be patient with me please.  With fingers crossed this time, everything should work out and I shouldn't have to change it up again.  I'm sure it's not great for readership when your URL changes.  (Again, reminder...add the new URL to your news feed!)