A Bit of Instant Gratification

I actually have a few projects I've finished this week.  In fact if I shared everything with you I'd have 7 things to show you!  But that would consist of way too much typing.  So for now, sewing.  I really do love it and now I'm trying to work on quick things and not get involved in any big projects.  This is because the Craftsy Sew-Along for October is a wonderful dress I have purchased the material for and it starts Oct 15th. I don't want to have to finish something before I can start the dress!  I can't wait!  It's jersey though and I've never made a dress so I hope it's not too difficult.  Let me know if you are participating too!

For this week I have two blankets to share!  I talked about the binding last week for my daughter's and I just went with splitting the difference and using each color for half the blanket.  Her's is now in the closet ready to be a Christmas gift.  And the kitty one is in a box packed and addressed ready to go.  It's for my best friend's daughter for when the new baby comes home.  These blankets are seriously super simple.  I had 1.5 yards cut, and just sewed on a matching blacket binding all along the edges.  If you want to do this make sure you buy two packs of blanket binding!

Also finally finished the pajama pants I started for myself!  I absolutely loved this fabric with garden tools and birds on it!  And they are just my colors!  I used a pattern for it, but I seriously had to cut 3 inches off the top.  They were WAY too big.  Still a bit big, but that makes a comfy pant so I'm not complaining much.

Linking up to Tami's Amis a little late.  It was supposed to publish yesterday but didn't for some reason.

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