WIP Wednesday

There isn't much to share this week. I'm working on the same old scarf, But I'm still quite enjoying the cables on the scarf. I'm halfway done.  This week has been super stressful for me. My daughter is becoming super clingy and does not let mommy do anything on her own. The moment she goes to sleep it's time to get my house clean.  We've also been pretty busy the past week or two.  This means lessening time of course. I did cast on one new item this week amen in for Annabelle.  Then we put on our winter coat for the first time today and the sleeves cover her hands. It's a bit big still. I'm not sure if we are going to need mittens.

I have done more reading this week. It's easy to do on my Kindle app on my phone when in about doesn't let me do anything but sit with her. I did finish The Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes.  I haven't read a book this fast in a very long time. I felt like everything in this book was so familiar.. Her writing reminds you of your own life, your own family and your own friends.  I felt like I was reading the journal of a friend.  This could be because she was from my hometown of Rochester, NY and she mentions it many times.  Her aunt she talks about that she loved visiting lived in Michigan - so does mine.  There were so many similarities throughout this book.  With that said, I did feel like she tried to push a little too far on some of the metaphors to make them work.  I highly suggest the read.  It's the the best fiber related book I've ever read but it's definitely worth the time.  

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