Such a Funk

I have not knit anything since the year started.  This makes me sad.  And I think it's because everything I'm working on is at a point where it needs concentration and I've been so busy I haven't wanted to think about anything!  They all need brain power right now!

Case and point.  I had a movie night with the Mr. last night and finally picked something up.  It was a simple hat at the decrease point.  I started the decrease, read the directions and thought "that doesn't sound like how the pattern looks" but went with it.  Forever later the decreases looked like I was making a giraffe neck warmer, not a hat, and I went back to the pattern.  Turns out the pattern said the exact right thing and I just read it wrong!  At no time did I think "i should reread that, it sounds wrong".  Nope, I just went with it and ended up pulling out about 4 inches.  What a pain.  So the little bit of knitting done has now been ripped.

Other aspects of this year are in fact going well.  I've hit day 17 of my 30 day Yoga Challenge. Erin Motz is amazing!!  I feel great!  I've lost 8 lbs. I'm less stressed.  I have more energy.  And I've started doing more workouts as well (Jillian Micheals Yoga Inferno was yesterday).  You would think with all that said I would not be in the knitting predicament I am.  Oh well. Hopefully my next post will have more knitting!

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