Finish What You Start

I looked over my projects that I finished in 2014.  I thought I had done so much knitting and I still believe that to be true but I obviously didn't actually finish enough projects.  There are such a measly few and small ones too!  I'm going to be more determined to finish projects in the next year!  And one of them WILL be a sweater!  To go along with the Knitmore Girls Idea of a theme instead of a resolution, mine with be Finish What You Start.

Projects of 2014

That's not all.  There will also be a fiber diet in 2015.  No purchasing any yarn in 2015.  NONE.  Of course there has to be an exception right?  Every diet has to have a cheat right?  My only exception is "if" I run out of sweater quantities of yarn.  Considering I have enough for about 5 sweaters or garments of the sort I don't think it will be an issue but a girl can dream of a year of sweaters right?  Oh wait, that was supposed to be 2014!!!  

My 5 resolutions from last year:
1. I've already started!  Bought the Crochet Lab Craftsy class in their Black Friday sale.  Started learninv to crochet today!
2.  Knit at least 3 pairs of socks this year for myself (really because I need more wool socks)
3. Read just as much as I did last year, if not more.  13 books in 2013.  Maybe I will strive for 14 in 2014.
4. Run a 5k.
5. Last be certainly not least, finish an adult size sweater.  Whether it is one that is started or a new one I don't care.  I just need to finish!!

 Completely the first right away.  Never finished the rest.  I'll stick to a theme this year thank you very much....

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