Quick post - White Balance

Learning how to use it.  Learning how to edit photographs.  My camera does some editing.  This editing I did on Flickr.  Apparently my iPhoto is out of date.  Trying to decide if I should download something new, use Flickr or Picasa.  If anyone has any say that'd be great.  I'm not about to spend $80 on a photo editing software though.  This post isn't as much for you readers (if there are any) as it is for me to really see how different these look on my blog.


Flickr Edit:

I'd say I'm doing a good job learning.  Will hopefully be getting a FO Friday post up today as well.

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  1. You might take a look at PicMonkey, a free online photo editing tool. I love it! There are some features that you have to pay for but you can still get great results using all the free ones. Congrats on the name change and getting back to blogging!


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