The crafting bug sure has bitten me.  It's definitely come back in complete full swing since I've returned home.  I honestly can't say if it has put me in a better mood, or if I'm crafting more because my mood has drastically increased.  I'm not sure, but it is what it is and I've been happy!  It started with the Ball.  Well everyone was preparing for the 4th of July weekend, I was stressed out.  In a good way.

On July 2nd, we had my husbands Redeployment Ball.  My first (and at the time I also thought my last) super formal military ball.  I found out a few months ago and of course my first thought was I need a dress!  Well since I was stuck at my parents for longer than I would have preferred a project was a good distraction.  My Mom and I immediately found dress pattern and material.  We made my ball gown together. I learned a lot from her.  It's nice to have support.  I hemmed it when I returned here.  Then made my handbag solely myself, which makes me super proud!   I used the Ziplet Zipper Pouch from the Craftsy website.

(of course the pictures are awful quality from my iPhone.  the camera came in the mail that night)

This really should just be the start of a lot of posts.  Both finished objects and WIPs.  Looking forward to sharing more zoo.  Hopefully lots of better pictures as well!


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