New Endeavor

It all started when the girl next door came to babysit.  She asked if my daughter had Barbies they could play with.  Well, honestly I had never even thought to buy her a Barbie.  And I think she's at the right age to start.  Not everyone is a "Barbie person" but she was one of the only dolls I played with growing up and definitely the one who's memories are still picture perfect in my head.  I loved playing with them.

So of course the next time I went out, I bought her a Barbie.  Just a cheap "swimsuit" one to see how well Miss A played with her, or even if she showed any interest.  Well that Barbie rarely leaves her side.  She went in the bath, pool and bed with her.  But I felt like her "clothes" really should cover a bit more and decided I needed to make some Barbie clothes.  Found some patterns on Pinterest and it all started from there.

I am obsessed with making Barbie clothes now.  They are so cute.  So simple.  So fast.  And, they take up all my scraps!!  And really, don't they make her look a lot more classy?  I've decided to continue making them.  Again and again.  And sell them.  I'm finally at the point, after years of people telling me to, that I'm making an Etsy shop. I plan to sell Barbie clothes, but also other small accessories.  Maybe handspun yarn, maybe some dyed yarn.  And definitely some shawls.  I have a problem knitting shawls I never want to wear.

Then the hard part came.  Coming up with a name.  Something not too specific as far as craft.  So ideas are Annabug Alley, Annabug Lane or Sew Lovely.  Please share any suggestions, or opinions!!  I would appreciate any feedback!

An FO Friday Post.


  1. I like Annabug Lane...and seriously, I wear shawls all through the fall and winter.....just saying.....I still have not made anything with the yarn you spun and gave me...but I pet it every once in awhile...

  2. Thanks for the input. I'm tallying. I wear shawls, I just end up knitting really lacey ones all the time because I like to knit them, but I like to wear the simple ones, not the detailed ones. So I give away almost every lace one I make.

    I'm glad its getting pet. I take it as a compliment. All my favorite yarns never get used! They are too pretty!


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