Sweaters Galore

I have sweaters on the needles.  In fact, I have a lot of them.   And a whole bunch in the queue.  This was normal, but suddenly I have even more in the immediate queue, and a promise to finish my husband's before the first snow fall.  We live in Kansas, so I assume your immediate reaction is...."ehh, you have plenty of time".  Well this particular sweater has been on my needles for possibly close to 2 years, and I'm not fighting the environment of Kansas here.  I'm talking about the first snowfall of New York.

Yep, I actually get to enjoy a real Autumn this year.  That's right, we are moving back to New York.  Not home, not Rochester.  In fact I have a promise to myself that I will never move back there by choice.  When you think Army & New York duty station you automatically assume Fort Drum (if you have military experience).  Nope - dodged that bullet.  Not heading to Fort Drum, we in fact are moving to West Point!!   Typically we in the Army think of that as a school, not a duty station, but with the prestige they have and all the VIPs that visit, of course they have helicopters.  So naturally they need people to run and take care of them.  So yay for us!  It is seriously such a great opportunity for my husband, not to mention the proximity to so many different family members in the area.

Did I mention all the yarn shops in the area?  Oh, and you know....Rhinebeck?  An hour away?  So the race is on.  Finish at least one sweater, before I start a Rhinebeck sweater. This gives me options - My daughter's Owlet sweater, my Sophia, or my husband's Emilien.  The smallest would be the Owlet, of course that might be taking the easy way out.  And there are contenders in the lead for my personal Rhinebeck sweater and I have the yarn for all three.  Which one?

The Artemisia Sweater.

Or Owls.

Agnes Pullover.


  1. Dude! You're going to be within 2 hours of me! I live outside of Hartford, Ct....we can visit.....Webs is 45 minutes north of me.....and Rhinebeck! Plans need to be made....I've actually never been to West Point...I don't think...

  2. Will do! I know I have plenty of people we will have to visit and will be visiting! We will keep in touch! CT will also be on our list!

  3. Oh wow, Agnes is beautiful, that absolutely gets my vote. I'm so happy for you moving somewhere you're obviously so excited about, congrats :D


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