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It's that time again!  Of course it's time for another KAL!!  I'll be joining Maria of Subway Knits Podcast, along with some other swell folks in this KAL which has anything and everything to do with her upcoming trip to Greece!!  Don't I wish it was me.  But if you can't travel it's best to live vicariously I say!  The gist of it
Knit a pattern or use a yarn to knit something inspired by Greece while I share the places I go and explore over the next two months
Pop on over to the Subway Knits blog or Ravelry page to learn all the details.  And if you don't know about it already, it means you don't listen to her podcast.  Word of advice?  Do it!  I've been inspired by yarn from my stash diving adventure - this beauty:

I've just started and by just started, I mean I'm still on the cast on.  So take that as literal as it comes.  I cast on once or twice yesterday for Coquille out of the French Girl Knits Accessories book, but the main stitch for this hat I'm making is brioche and I sat and stared at my knitting for 2 hours (while being distracted by Veronica Mars of course) because I couldn't figure the first stitch out.  I think it was because the cast on wasn't working well for me. I'm hoping to plow through this project.  It's just this and a pair of vanilla socks that I'm currently giving my attention to.  Join us for WIP Wednesdays!

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