Work In Progress - Or Lack There Of

So I have a lot of projects I have yet to share.  But I definitely cannot chalk that up to actual progress and more to my lack of actually blogging.  This past week I have knit a whole inch on what was going to be a hat and pulled it out.  That's it.  That's all.  The week before put in an afterthought heel. That was it.  I obviously have not had all that much knitting mojo.  I sure see it.  I think about knitting and go "ugh".  This is NOT RIGHT.  No knitting should ever think that. But I do know why.  I have a few things on the needles, none of which are really at a good point for me.

I'm working on the Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL.  That one is a knit I loved and still love.  I'm on the last clue though and I've switched charts and found myself a row off twice now.  Ripped it out twice.  It's just putting me off.  And it's going to take a lot of thinking.  I have too much on my mind to think.

Same with my socks of 2014 #1 pair - Hedera by Cookie A.  I knit the whole cuff.  Knit the whole heel.  While knitting the instep I seemed to have decrease way too much.  The top still has the right amount of stitches, but the bottom has half the amount.  And guess what?  They fit great.  So either I am knitting the wrong size and have to rip the whole thing out, I'm knitting on the wrong size needle and I have to rip the whole thing out, or I have to do a whole lot of math to figure out how to continue on correctly.  I really don't want to do any of these options at the moment, so it's sitting.  Waiting.  And apparently I'm waiting for it to figure itself out.  It would be nice.  It's least my knitting could do for me right?

Next up is my "Matchy Matchy" sweater.  Knitting the Owlet pattern by Kate Davies with some Cascade.  I have plans to make the Owls by the same designer in a different yarn for myself.  Hence the project name.  Well, The body is knit on US 10.5s.  I started the sleeve in the US 10s, don't have DPNs for the US 10.5s and I've been looking for a brand I want to buy.  Well I can't find any.  I can find them but it seems like they are all the expensive ones and the cheap brands don't make them.  So I guess I'm going to put the body on waste yarn and knit the sleeves in magic loop.  I was just looking to not have to do this, and a good excuse for a pair of needles.  But it's not worth it.  I know, relatively easy, just haven't had the energy or really the want.

I did get a single sock finished this week and I even ripped a hat that's been on the needles since before Christmas.  Progress.  Not much though.  Here's what I'm thinking.  The only way to cure this is to cast more on!  Just printed out the pattern for Sophia by Juliet Moody.  It's a mesh "sweater" cover up.  It might be perfect to get me back at it.  Linking up with WIP Wednesday.

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  1. That owl sweater is just too cute. There's a local lady who spins and sells her yarn by me who always makes a slew of those owls sweaters for our county fair every year. I've always liked them... I hope yours turns out well!


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