Longer and longer

I'm seriously frustrated today.  I cannot even put my frustration into words.  I want to say I hate the Army right now, but how could you ever speak those words?  They are the backbone of our national security.  If I wasn't an Army wife I would still have every bit of respect for them.  And being an Army wife has provided me with so much more.  So much honor and pride for what they do for us and what they stand for.

But then there are weeks like this.  Weeks where the days seem like they never end.  Because the end, it's coming.  The end of that deployment.  When things are starting to wrap up.  So naturally time can't progress just like it always has, when really you want it to speed up so your soldier can be home!  But no....days just get longer and longer.  They are long enough.  But then when your soldier tells you...no, it's a later date now.  Once.  Twice.  I could handle.  But everyday that date he is supposed to come back to you.  Supposed to be in your arms.  Supposed to complete your family once again and the powers that be change it again and again and again.

It's not the extended time.  If they originally said, "hey ballpark--  this date is when they are coming home"  and maybe, just maybe they were there a day or two earlier.  Or that date.  Is fine!  Even if that date is farther away.  But no, they try to go earlier, but can't and just push it day after day after day.  People are trying to make flight plans around this day.  People are trying to plan surprises.  And when it changes so much you can't do this.

Now don't get me wrong here.  I get things change.  Especially the closer they are to being home.  Travel times take longer than expected, or shorter.  There are maintenance issues.  Just like flying anywhere commercial times are never  a guarantee.  But when you and all your friends get that call with "the date" and in some cases you are even making that call to other families - then the date your husband and only your husband flip flops like crazy, well it can cause anyone to go crazy.  So that's where I'm at.  If you need me, look me up at the local loony bin because that's where I feel like I belong right now.

Deployments are supposed to always get shorter.  Never longer.

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