Soon is Never Soon Enough

I may have been kind of sad on the knitting front lately.  Alas, I do have progress to show elsewhere! My sewing machine!  Honestly, I haven't been comfortable sitting lately.  It's making me feel like a bit of a lazy butt so the sewing involves being upstairs, not in front of my tv, and moving around a lot.  So it's where most of my creative outlet has been.  I really started the slew of sewing with Miss A's "welcome home" outfit.  A dress I wanted to make for her to wear to her Daddy's redeployment ceremony.   A dress she will be wearing soon, very, very soon.  But really when you've gone 9 months without your spouse or Daddy soon is never really soon enough, is it?  Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about.

Back on topic though, I had a lot of this very patriotic material I bought when my JoAnn's was having a moving sale.  To me, it was a bit too busy for a whole dress though, so I wanted to combine it with other material and decided to use this pattern I had in my library.  It's called Paper Fan Dress and I printed because it was free and in my head that was too good to last.  I was sure it was a promotion but take a peek!  It's still free on Anna Maria Horners site along with some other cute free patterns!  I might be adding a few others to my library shortly.  I wish I could tell you how I found her page, but I honestly don't remember.  Anyway, I found some blue chevron to match with the material and I'm very happy with the result.  I'm sure I will share photos of it actually on the kiddo (along with Daddy!!) soon!

I did recently subscribe to a blog I love.  She has wonderful sewing tutorials.  I'm pretty sure I found her through Pinterest since I follow a great deal of sewing boards.  The blog is Make It and Love It.  I highly suggest checking it out.  Today I will be linking up to her weekly You Made You Love It post so click over and go read more posts like mine!


  1. So cute....and here's hoping its as soon as possible

  2. Love it! I have attempted sewing this past year but only quilts blocks and easy straight line items.

    1. I love sewing. I knew the basics and was intimidated by the hard stuff. But I'm very much a product seamstress. So I push through, look up videos, call my Mom and sometimes have to redo a few things. But its always worth it to see the finished product.


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