Best FO of All

In my last post I may  may have mentioned my hubs is coming home soon.  Guess what?!  He came home Tuesday!   There is no other place ypu can go on any given day in any given country where you can experience as much pure joy as a Redeployment  (AKA Welcome Home) Ceremony.  We waited around for an hour and a half to become reacquainted with our Love!  And we girls of course were dressed for the occasion.  I put a lot of work into the dress I made for Miss A.  There was no skimping out and wearing PJs, even if it was way past her bed time!  The dress was perfect and in glad to have gotten a few compliments on it as well.  It was the little cherry on top of the triple decker sunday!  And I promised pictures!


  1. So glad he is home and safe......lots of love......

  2. Congratulations, that is wonderful news!


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