A Simple DIY Headband

So I chopped my hair.  It's not a cut I never had, but it's a cut no one I really know here has seen me with.  Its short.  I love it short, but it definitely takes a bit of styling time.  I wanted something I could do with my hair on laid-back "i don't care" days.   I started looking up ideas for head wraps on Pinterest.  Made a few and came up with an idea of my own.

Do you sew? If you've sewn with knits you will know that when cut in thin strips the material curls up on itself.  This is also known in the DIY world as t-shirt yarn (except I didn't use an old t-shirt). I had two long pieces like this.

My immediate thought was I could braid these strips and make a headband, but braid - with two pieces?  Doesn't exactly work.  So I dug into my memory of old school boondoggle days.  Remember that stuff?  I spent hours at camp every summer with it.  I remembered something called the butterfly stitch.  I treated my strips just as they were pieces of boondoggle. They twisted here or there since they don't have a flat side like boondoggle, but I'm not s huge perfectionist so it didn't bother me.

Once the "braid" was long enough I wrapped it around my head and marked where I wanted the ends to join.  I'm not crazy about tying and having ends hang, so I opened the curl up of all 4 ends, stacked them on one another and sewed.  This headband has a nice stretch to it and stays on my thin hair.  I really like it and plan to make more.  Share with me if you make one!!

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