WIP Wednesday #1 of 2014

It takes me four weeks to write a WIP Wednesday post in 2014.  A little sad.  But that's how things have been with me lately.  A little busy, a little down, a little emotional.  It's to be expected when your husband is deployed.  I'm sure it also has to do with my health.  There's been some stuff and it means meds, changing meds and adjusting dosages.  Mostly to gain control over some debilitating tension headaches.  In other words....stress.

One great way to help cope with my stress?  Knitting!  Yay to knitting.  It really can be so meditative and relaxing.  One thing I'm definitely not practicing in 2014 is monogamy.  Lots of projects on the needles!   One thing I will be lacking in for a bit is pictures.  The only way I have of taking pictures is my iPhone, but I deleted my Google+ account and Blogger doesn't let me upload pics from my phone without one.  In order to get pictures into my post I have to take a picture, email it to myself, save it to my computer than upload it into Blogger.  If I figure out an easier way you will start seeing more pictures!  (suggestions welcome!) Also linking up to Yarn Along today.

Current WIPs

Project: Bay-Bee & Momma!  (imagine a toddler yelling that)
Pattern: Sock Yarn Bunny & Mini Sock Yarn Bunny by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Scraps
These were supposed to be birthday presents for my daughter.  Her birthday was the 14th....that didn't happen.  But now I'm thinking Easter basket since they are bunnies.  Not to mention she was spoiled enough on her birthday, even if she was sick.  She loves differentiating between Momma and baby so I thought these would be perfect for her.  As if she doesn't have enough stuffed animals.

Project: Matchy Matchy
Pattern: Owlet by Kate Davies
Yarn: Cascade 128 in Italian Plum.
 I'm knitting this as part of the Knitmore Girls Matchy Matchy KAL.  I might be short on yarn though.  I got it at my local yarnshop in her closing sale.  The yarn is discontinued and I'm having trouble finding another skein.  I've found the same thing, just in superwash but I dont know if the superwash takes the dye differently so I don't know if it would work.  So it might be a short sleeved sweater for Miss A.  When I'm done with this I'll start the Owl sweater for me!

Project: 2014 Socks #1
Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Ty Dye
I love this yarn.  It really is so soft and wonderful to work with.  After knitting one repeat of the pattern I thought I wouldn't like the yarn/pattern combo.  Glad I kept at it because it turns out I love it.  I've own the book "knit. sock. love." for 2 years or so now and this is the first pair I've knit from the book.  I've decided I'm going to make a big effort to knit things from my library this year.  What's the point of all these gorgeous books with amazing patterns if I'm not going to use them?  This pair of socks is the first of 3 pairs I want to knit for myself this year.  Getting a good start on my New Years Resolution.

Project: Choose Your Own Knitventure
Pattern: Follow Your Arrow by Ysolde Teague
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in the Rouge color
I got sucked in.  I don't usually do mystery KALs.  The only other one I've participated in was a gift pattern to me.  But I bought Ysolde's.  Although I'm a huge fan of her designs I've yet to knit one.  And the concept to this KAL just sold me.  There are two clues every week.  And you pick which one you want to knit.  All the shawls people are knitting look so different and theres a possibility of 32 different combinations.  So I decided not only is this fun (I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books!) I really will knit it again and again and get a different FO!

Knitting Yarns; Writers on Knitting by Ann Hood - I'm listening to this book on Audible.  I love listening to books while I clean my kitchen, cook and fold laundry.  Sometimes I even listen while I'm sewing.  This book is great.  It is all different essays by different writers.  There really is something for everyone in this book.  All kinds of stories from different perspectives.  One nice thing I find great about books like this (that are not one continuous story) is it's great if you are going to be starting and stopping alot.  It's easy to turn off after an essay instead of in the middle of the story and you don't feel like you are hanging on.

Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex; More Questions You'd Only Ask A Doctor After Your Third Whiskey Sour  I keep reading this book, but I honestly don't know why.  I just think I'm motivated to finish it.  I don't think it's very good at all.  The humor these guys try to put in this book is so stupid.  They are trying way to hard to be funny.  They aren't.  Then the really interesting questions they don't actually answer in depth.  Your either wishing for more information on what you are learning, or you are wondering why on Earth they are answering such a stupid question.  Some of the information they cite references, some they reference people that are definitely not experts.  I find myself skipping the stupid introductions to each subject which also include "IM" conversations between the two.  The thing is, I'm pretty sure they made all these up specifically for the book and didn't actually have them.  And I will reiterate the fact that they are not funny.  I think I'm just finishing it so I can say I did, and include it in my books read count for the year.


  1. knitting for me helps me stay sane and calm. I hope all the medicine adjusting works quickly and you feel like yourself!

  2. Lots of fun stuff on the needles! The Ann Hood book looks like a good one to download onto my phone. I can understand the stress of deployment - my daughter's boyfriend is on deployment for 9 months and it's been tough on her. I can't imagine what it's like when you are married. Hang in there.


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