2 years already...

I feel like just yesterday I gave birth to my gorgeous light of my life, Miss A.  It has been quite a two years and some of the best moments of my life.  I just love her to death.  And Tuesday she really did turn 2.  2 whole years of teaching her, cleaning up her messes, pulling my hair out, and watching her grow and develop and become such a sweet and caring little princess.  2 years it took before her first dosage of antibiotics.  That's right, we spent her second birthday at the Dr.'s office.  Poor girl has bronchitis.  Birthday plans were canceled, she opened presents, Facetimed with Daddy, slept alot and blew out the candles of her cupcake while Skypeing with her Grandparents and Uncle. Technology is really a beautiful invention.  And made the day a little easier on  me, Momma.  This is the 2nd birthday Daddy has not been able to spend with his little girl, which you can imagine is a bit rough emotionally on Mommy too.  I actually think the sickness made the day a little easier on me, rather than having tons of birthday fun and thinking about how Daddy was missing it once again.  All in all, I think we managed to make the day special anyway.  Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Sweet Pea!

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  1. Happy Birthday to A. So sorry she was sick on the day.


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