A Proud Momma

The past week Miss A has done a few things that sure make a Momma happy.  I know, you usually hear something like this and expect me to say something like "she used the potty" or "she put her own shoes on" or some type of milestone.  Not me.  Don't get me wrong, she hits milestones all the time and I get excited but they are part of her development.  They are in a way "normal" because they are things most kids do in the same timeframe.  

I have two proud moments from this week that are worth sharing.  The first: remember that Low Tide I made that upset me so immensely when she wouldn't wear it?  Well she let me put it on two days in a row.  Thursday she wore it for an hour.  That was a start.  Friday she wore it to daycare and kept it on the whole time!  I took it off at nap time, we put it back on when she woke up and she wore it the rest of the day!  I was so proud!

Second - We went out to eat Saturday night with a friend.  It's not something we do too often.  Toddler in a nice sit down restaurant.  I'm sure you get why it's not an often occurrence.  She climbed up the booth next to my friend and could see the TVs in the bar area from there. They had college football on.  The moment she saw it she put down her drink, clapped her hands and exclaimed "foo-ball! foo-ball". If you know me well you know my day stops the moment football starts.  I'm a huge fan of the NFL so this was a big deal to me.  Needless to say Miss A's anxiety about Daddy being gone seem to have subsided a bit as of late and we've really been having fun together!

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  1. awww . It is those simple moments that make toddlerhood rewarding


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