FO Friday - The "Minnie" Skirt

See what I did there?  I made a pun.  That's right.  I hope you laughed, even if it was at just at me.  I actually have a finished object on Friday, that I showed you on Wednesday of the same week.  Let's just say that doesn't happen often.  I bought the pink polka dotted material from my local Jo Ann's for Miss A's Halloween costume.  I found the tutorial for the skirt on Pinterest of course. The original source is Makeitloveit.com.  I can't wait to see the whole costume together.  I just hope she loves wearing it as much as I love it.

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  1. It's adorable. Black tights . A black nose and whiskers and Minnie ears and you are set

  2. Thanks! Thats exactly the plan!


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