The Home of The Cheeseheads

You may call me a cheesehead now.  I have purchased merchandise for myself at the Green Bay Packer Pro Shop, walked through the player's tunnel at Lambeau Field and ate lunch at Curly's Pub. Might I add, I seriously would eat there everyday if I could (although I'd gain 50 lbs after a month).  I guess my husband's influence helped, but the fact that Aaron Rodgers is my favorite player in the NFL helps.  Buffalo Bills are my #1, but Green Bay Packers has made it to #2.

You may be reading this and wondering what on earth I'm talking about.  You may read for the knitting and you might not even know who the Packers are if you don't follow the NFL.  To explain, I mentioned in my last WIP post that I would make a separate post about our vacation.  Here it is!  We visited my husband's Grandparents in none other than Green Bay, Wisconsin.  There is a reason behind his Packers loyalty.

Stop one was to visit his Dad on our way up in St. Paul, MN, then we headed onto Green Bay and the toddler did better than expected.  Of course that doesn't count the minor sickness incident which involved changing her clothes, pulling the car seat out and cleaning it with a bottle of water, then lots of laundry to do when we arrived. We went to Lambeau Field first which was of highest priority while there.  We also visited the National Railroad Museum and the N.E.W. Zoo.  AJ seemed to enjoy herself on the trip as much as we did!   Her favorite may have been the pool at our hotel though.   Lots of pictures were taken, naturally.   I'll share just a few.

There was also a yarn purchase, but quite a story as well that can wait for another post.

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