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Today I met up with a Ravelry friend.  She informed me of something happening with my blog I had no idea about.  I'm pretty upset and will be disabling it right away.  A few weeks ago I added the Google+ comment capability and was thrilled that I was getting so many comments from Google+ readers. Sadly This was at the expense of all my regular readers. I didn't know this function made it so ONLY Google+ members could comment and this has greatly upset me.

As far as I'm considered, the blogging world is a great community and anyone should be able to comment on any blog.  You shouldn't be required to be a member of that particular site no matter what it is.  I put myself and my knitting out there for everyone.  So as much as I've appreciated the Google+ audience I now have this awful taste in my mouth for the social networking site.  S please, if you use Blogger be aware of this!

Onto today.  For the very first time during my since joining Ravelry and blogging I met up with one of my cyber friends.  She was on a road trip and was going to be driving on through!  This doesn't happen very often considering- well I live in Kansas.  Who wants to drive through Kansas?  Her name is TammyG on Rav, her blog is Life And Yarn Or Yarn And Life and she was even my very first swap partner!  She also recently sent me this cute little bird as part of the Pay It Forward Handmade project (I'm not even going to talk about my fail with that).  You should check other blog if you haven't yet - she's been blogging about her trip and yesterday she got to go to The Loopy Ewe.  She's a great cyber friend and I'm so happy I got to meet her!  And maybe a bit jealous of her trip!

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  1. I don't remember what I originally wrote....but I loved meeting you and little A....


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