Sew Not What You Were Expecting

I finished a project!  And it wasn't knit.  I sewed a dress for my daughter.  Last week Jo Anns and Hobby Lobby both had the big $0.99 sale for Simplicity patterns.  I decided it was a good time to stock up and boy did it also give me the right motivation.  I found the perfect sundress pattern and some mighty adorable material (it came from Hobby Lobby) and got started.  My goal was to have it finished before we leave for our Green Bay vacation on Monday.  I really thought that was an unreachable goal to tell you the truth though.

A little background?  My Mom is a seamstress.  She's amazing.  I never will sew like her.  I made a skirt for myself when I was 13 and my sewing career pretty much came to a halt there.  Until I was a housewife.  I didn't have my Mom to hand things off to anymore so I bought a decent machine.  I knew a cheap "beginning sewer" machine wouldn't do it for me.  Especially when it comes to making sure his uniform is precise.  If I have a decent sewing machine I should make good use of it right?  So I made an apron, and packed it away for moving. Once I moved into this house I got a good little area in my room set up.  I wanted the satisfaction of sewing for my daughter.  After I failed Easter dress I was determined to succeed this time!  I'd say I satisfied that.  Don't you?

Front- I'll share a picture on my little girl once we have buttons.

Back - Simplicity 1673

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