Flower Girl

Today my little girl had the huge honor of being a flower girl in our friends wedding.  This couple has become fast friends even though we've only known the groom for a year or so and the bride much less. They are some of the nicest people I know and had a nice informal wedding and barbecue in the park today.  There were plenty of little girls attending that were more age appropriate and by that I mean they understood what "walk to the end of the isle" means and "drop flowers on the ground as you walk".  But they wanted Annabelle to be part of their big day and that was an honor to me.

There was a bit of tripping, and a bit of walking the wrong direction.  But she made it from point A to point B.  No crying, no yelling.  Then she decided she wanted to be the bride and just stood in front of the officiant.  But cute none the less!! I can't help but show off the pictures!

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