Almost As Good As Yoga

The past two days I've been up before my daughter.  I spent that time at my sewing machine since it's one of the few things I can't do while she is awake.  It's in our bedroom which isn't really a good playroom for her.  So I took advantage.  And while yesterday was a strange day (she slept till 10am) I was able to cut an entire pattern and the material for a sundress for Miss A, I also woke up with the hubs when he left for work this morning.  The idea of sitting down at the sewing machine for a bit was actually what got me out of bed!  I also spent a decent amount of time working away while she was awake since the hubs was home most of the day.  It's seriously as relaxing as yoga, I think.  It's a nice meditative craft.  I'm really learning to enjoy sewing, the more I understand what I'm doing.

In the midst of all this sewing, I decided I needed a pincushion.  I have a little box for my pins which works, but it would be nice to just have simple access sometimes.  Yes, I could knit one.  I could even sew one.  But I had recalled seeing cute pincushions in the past (maybe online, maybe at craft shows?) using canning jars.  I decided if I was going to find how to make one, Pinterest sure was the right place to look!  I found a tutorial for Mason Jar Pin Cushions and boy was it simple.  Found a scrap of material that was perfect.  I'd say it took me all of 15 minutes to make.  I'm quite happy with the final result.  What do you think? I know, it needs a better ribbon - something that matches the fabric.

The material was a Germany acquisition that I made a nursing cover out of.  I just have a little bit of scrap left.  I'm sorry I didn't get more into sewing when I lived there.  The fabric shop we had local was AH-mazing!  I'll leave you with a sneak peek of what I'm making for Miss A.  It will be so nice for her to have a new, hand-made dress when we go on vacation to Green Bay next week.

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