Gratitude Sunday

Been out of blogging this past week or so. Using this cold, comfy day to get back into it with a Gratitude Sunday post. It's a packed one.

} still wearing PJs after noon on a Sunday and slowly enjoying my coffee with my new Creme' Brûlée creamer. The husband even got the kiddo dressed this morning without me even asking! Currently my daughter is just sweetly sitting in her Daddy's lap and they both really seem to be enjoying the bonding time. And I enjoy the weekends when I don't have to tend to her every need. So far, a perfect Sunday.

} after the bank jerked us around for over a year we we finally able to get the right paperwork and the car is back on the road. Completely legally. No asking for rides and being in debt of favors to people, which I hate. Freedom!

} participated in the Subway Knits Downton Abby themed swap. My Mary got her package and was so in love with it! I was so grateful. I always get worried it won't be enough, or won't really fit her likes and needs quite as well as I hoped. She loved it so much she even spun half the fiber I sent in one night!

} also received my package! So many goodies in it! The chocolates are literally to die for! In fact I'm going to have to ask her where to get more. I really do love Raspberry - just about anything. The book is signed by the author. How cool is that? And it's a great book all about projects you can do with sock yarn without making socks! It's called Sock Yarn Studio by Carol J. Sulcoski. I also love the color of the yarn. I've used the adorable owl mug every day with coffee or tea since I've gotten it. I haven't mentioned everything, but I do love it all!

} She tried to share the show Call the Midwife for me, but turns out iTunes doesn't want to let me watch it. But my library has it! So my name is on the list. She raves about it and I can't wait to watch.

*ill be adding links when I can get to my computer and edit the post.

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  1. What a terrific package of goodies! I love all the owls. There are lots of great patterns in that book.


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