Gratitude Sunday - On Tuesday?

*I apologize about being late.  I wrote the post on Sunday but had to get the link in and I can't do that on the iPad.  So here we are....

Join Gratitude Sunday at Wooly Moss Roots.   This week I'm grateful for -

} Snowdays. Read here. My husband had two, and a delay already for tomorrow.

} Twitter and Ravelry. The support for the Hoalohakal KAL has been tremendous. I've hit as all snag in the knitting and I love that I can ask questions and get the help I need! What would we do without social networking.

} Annabelle sleeping through the night Wednesday. I could benefit a little more if she did this more often for us! But Wednesday night I started with this stupid head cold. I can't shake it still, but that night my throat was just so sore and swollen that I really needed the extra sleep.

} Asparagus. It may have cost me over $6.00 but I love me some asparagus. It's almost like a comfort food and I'm making it tonight with a savory sauce for it. Flank steak and potatoes too!

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