A Mood

I haven't been in the greatest mood today.  I wasn't thrilled to get up and go to a mandatory (for the hubs) company picnic at 9 am!  Let's just say it was cold this morning and that is with a high of 80 F today.  Imagine if it was tomorrow - high of 49.  Who's idea was this?! 80 degrees in March is a FLUKE and no one knew it would be like this when it was scheduled. Oh, and it was wet.  Did I mention that?  They make the guys play a kickball tournament, which with grown men can never end well.  Am I right?  Well, 5 minutes in the first man on base runs when the next ball is kicked and naturally tries to get to second base.  As all men do...  Only these guys, all in aviation and not exactly ones to play organized sports don't really understand the concept of not standing in the base line.  Huh, imagine that.  I'm sure you can picture what happened next.  The guy running is watching the ball, the guy standing there is....well, watching the ball.  And they collide.  And we have blood shed.  Alot of it. This guy running just happened to be my husband.  A trip to the hospital and a diagnosis of broken nose and possible concussion preceded.  So you can imagine my mood when I was at a function I obviously had a bad feeling about.

On a much better note, I thought tonight might be a good night to update my blog.  I had the intentions of updating the links in my Sunday Gratitude post and connecting it to the Mr. Linky on Sunday.   Didn't happened.  I logged in though and found a bunch of comments on my last two posts!  I was very excited because you see, I love comments.  Who doesn't?  And I haven't been getting quite as many as of late.  So a very happy baby tonight, and a bunch of comments has put me in a bit of a better mood.  Thank you readers!  I owe that to you.  Well, the comments part.  If you put my daughter in a good mood you'll have to share the secret!

Here's the link I failed to add in later on Sunday. The book my swap partner gifted me was Sock Yarn Studio by Carol J. Sulcoski.  Any book with Zauberball on the front has to be good.  There are a few patterns I love including the Poppy Beret and Cushington Square Pillow.  The beret, which is really a beanie as far as I can tell, I know I will make for myself.  The pillow would be quite a challenge for me yet.  Maybe in a few years.  

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share the finished - finished object from two weeks ago. It's the Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig and I know I showed you already but the buttons I just so darn cute you have to see them on!  They are from Joyafibers on Etsy.  The picture of Annabelle wearing the gorgeous sweater is more true to color.  Check out my posts like mine at Tami's Amis FO Friday.


  1. The buttons on the sweater are very sweet! And Annabelle is a gorgeous model for the sweater

  2. What a beautiful little cardigan! Very sweet!
    BTW, I really like the "pay it forward handmade" thought you have on the side of your blog. Handmade objects carry so much love and affection in them!


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