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Guess where I'm blogging from?! It's not really a different place (I wish! I've been cooped up in this house way too long!) but it is a different device! That's right! Our iPad has arrived. We really are an Apple family here. This completes our collection. Lets count - 1st generation iPod, Classic iPod, Macbook Pro, 2 iPhone 4's and now the iPad makes it complete! The main reason for the new toy is for my husband. We both love the Mac Book, and have no problems sharing but the Hubs is a soldier. We've discovered he needs to have something he can take with him on training missions - not to mention his deployment coming up this summer.

This does not mean I won't take advantage of it while we have it! I'm hoping that this will provide more ease in blogging more often. Not only does it provide more convenience in posting (hehe, I can post in bed!) but I think it will give me more to post about. In fact, the portability was probably its biggest selling point. Having a 1 yr old makes it so I can't work on the laptop on the couch, or floor, or anywhere besides the table. She likes electronics (too much) so she comes and presses buttons, pulls or hits it. And it would be a lot more expensive to repair a MacBook than to buy an iPad.

Other benefits of having an iPad? I'm already reading more, just by having it one night. I really do love the Kindle App!

My daughter can play! There are some great leaning apps by Fisher Price teaching shapes, colors, animals and more. She fell in love with my Aunt's iPad when she was only 4 months old so I'm sure she will have a ball now!

It makes watching video podcasts a lot easier. I can take it with me wherever I chose. I've really been getting into more and more video podcast lately, although I still have my favorite audio ones too! Not only video podcasts though, any videos. I can download my yoga and Pilates videos to Amazon Instant and workout in our bedroom when my husband is watching out one tv. It's nice not to have to interrupt and really I'm more likely to not workout.

Not only am I an avid blogger, but the real motivation for me to blog is reading other blogs! Now I can do that more, get less behind, and be anywhere!

Any other suggestions for good use, and Apps leave a comment and let me know! I'd appreciate it.

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  1. Did you visit me from your new iPad? I'm honored!

    We're a mostly Apple family as well. My teenagers still prefer PCs, and there are still two Android phones in our midst, but other than that, we have iPods, iPads, MacBooks and an iMac...the Apple life is a good one!

    As far as apps for your iPad, as soon as you're ready to let your little one try it out, there's a great Dora the Explorer app that shows preschoolers how to write their letters and introduces letter sounds. And if you go to Starbucks, keep an eye out for their free app cards. Sometimes they have little kid stuff (like "The Monster at the End of this Book" and "Miss Spider" stories). Get a heavy duty case for it first (and if your husband is going to take it out in the field with him, you'll probably want one anyway), and never suffer through a long car ride again!!


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