Gratitude Sunday

This week I've been doing a lot of blog discovering. I was in a pickle on how to connect my blog reader on my Mac to the iPad. The only conclusion I was finding was to use Google Reader and an App that syncs with it. I've never really loved Google Reader and it just wasn't going to work. I have an App on the Mac (there is an App Store for the Mac too!) called NetNewsWire that I've used for about two years now and love it! Online feed readers just don't compare. So I came to the conclusion that I would just have to find new blogs to follow and different blogs would be on the IPad.

One of the lovely gems I wandered across is called Brambleberries in the Rain ; Gardening, Natural Dyes & Knitting and life in the Pacific Northwest. I've been enjoying her posts and one of the weekly posts she has is called Gratitude Sundays, which she links up to Wooly Moss Roots for (just like how I link up for WIP Wednesday). Since I started blogging again I've been trying to become more personal and blog more about me, rather than just knitting. I think Gratitude Sunday is a perfect way to do this and i have a lot to be grateful for this week so here goes:

} good neighbors. We've had a car situation as of late so my neighbor has been taking my daughter and I grocery shopping. As if doing this isn't enough she watched Miss A for a few hours the other day when the guy came to clean the ducts out in the house. It was a loud process so I know she wouldn't have faired well at home. It's nice to have someone right there, a few feet away, when needed.

} the iPad. It's already making some things in life easier. And it's providing entertainment. Not only am I glad we have it but I'm glad we had the means to purchase it. Not everyone is so lucky.

} dinner guests. It's always nice to have a reason to get dressed up a bit, get the house clean and prepare a good meal. Our friends came over, shared some wine and some laughs and some recipes. These friends are new to post, but were stationed with us in Germany. it's great to see familiar faces!

} having my husband back home! Saved the best for last. He's been gone at a training school in Alabama for 6 weeks. 6 weeks is the longest we have ever spent apart since we started cohabiting in the same house. It's so nice to hear the sounds of joy from my daughter, so happy to have her Daddy back. I've missed having a warm body in bed, hearing his side comments about whatever local news story, cooking meals just to have him say he liked it and mostly just having my small little family together!


  1. My children (and I) miss Daddy when he works away, it is lovely to watch them when he returns.

  2. I feel so honored to have you mention my blog in your post Laura. :) Thank you soo much! I'm always grateful to hear someone enjoys my site.

    Enjoy your husband being home and that iPad! <3

  3. Beautiful list. Thank you for joining Gratitude Sunday! :)


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