Gratitude Sunday

I'm going to try to keep up with Gratitude Sunday. Pop on over to Wooly Moss Roots for more posts like this. Short and sweet.

} No more nursing. There is nothing wrong with nursing children past 1 yr old, but I was ready to be done at ten months. Call me selfish, but I was proud to make it that long and I got really annoyed with not being able to wear normal clothes, or bras and basically interrupting my day 8 times a day to sit and nurse. At a year she could have cows milk and that was it. I wasn't waiting any longer. A month later she is finally weened and it makes me so happy! Now I can go out with some friends, my husband can do bedtime duty on rough days and I don't always have to be the one getting up on the middle of the night.

} Skype. Tonight my Grandparents got to see their great-granddaughter while at my parents house because of Skype. I love that we can do this. They won't be around forever, they live so far away and they can't really drive this far any ore. We also can't afford to go home all that much to see them. So the fact that they don't have to miss every bit of my little girl growing up is just priceless. She got to show them how she waves, dances, and blows kisses.

} Warm weather. It's so nice to get my daughter outside to enjoy the weather. I really love being outside and I wish we lived in a place that had more things to do outside. I mean, there are things to do here but right now it's so hard to get to them with the current car situation. I miss taking my hikes to gorgeous places right from my apartment in Germany. But today my husband and I walked across the street and took Miss A to the park. It's fun seeing her outside, playing, walking on her own two little feet and smiling at Daddy!

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