A Day of Love

Today is Valentine's Day which is the day you are supposed to show your love. I thought I would share some of the things I am currently loving at the moment with you.

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
I have to say this video can kick my ass and its not for anyone not dedicated to working everyday. It's a 30 day program and you work 3 levels for 10 days each. I had such great results and I only got 12 days in! Dr.s orders required that I stop for the time being but hopefully after a little Physical therapy I can resume. The fact is though, I only did half the program and lost 4 inches! And it's a month later and I can still see the results! I've decided that the moment I get the clearance from the doctor I'm starting up again since I feel great, and felt even better when I was doing the video every day.

Joyafibers Etsy Shop
I needed some buttons and I just happened to wander across this Etsy shop when I was searching around. You know how easy it is to get lost searching Etsy shops right? This shop has so many different types of buttons, mostly wood. They are too cute, not to mention SO cheap! Most sets of buttons are only $1.99 for a set of around 10 buttons. You should totally check out these buttons. Especially if you are knitting or sewing for kids!

Ravelry's Valentines Feature
Ravelry does this every year and I don't think it's too widely known. In fact I almost forgot about it, but opened my inbox this morning and had a Valentine from my Pen Pal! So I immediately sent some Valentines to my fellow Raveler friends. Go to your friends Ravelry profile and where it says "send message" it will say "send valentine" below! There are so many cute vintage valentines to choose from!

Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
If you watch the new show Nashville you probably know who they are. They play the characters Scarlett and Gunnar and they aren't exactly the big stars of the show but they are really the hidden gems of the show. I think their chemistry reminds me of Johnny Cash and June Carter and their music really defines country music. Anytime I hear another song by them I stop in my tracks and listen to every word. It's mesmerizing. I highly suggest you all go look them up on YouTube or ITunes. My favorite song of theirs so far is called If I Didn't Know Better.

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