WIP Wednesday #8 And Another

Well I will say I'm off to a good start if I want 2013 to be the year of the sweater.  Only 2 months into the year and for 3 weeks in a row now, I'm posting about 3 different sweaters!  And the very cool thing?  They are for the 3 different people in my family!

I had every intention of waiting till my husband's sweater was off the needles to pull out a hibernating sweater for myself.  That was the plan, but you know what they say about sticking to the plan right?  It never works out that way.  I have a pen-pal made through the Single Handed Knits Group on Ravelry. We keep in contact mostly through snail mail, which was the whole appeal of the pen-pal idea, but every now and then we send quick little messages on Ravelry.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up my account the other day and found Mel Ski's Mystery Sweater Hoaloha gifted to me by my pen pal!  I was so excited!  I've never done a mystery KAL before!  If you haven't heard about it, or Single Handed Knits for that matter, you should go check it out!  Mel is such an upbeat, optimistic podcaster and she lives in such an amazing place!  She shares with you so much of the culture that is Hawaii in her podcasts.

I don't actually have my sweater on the needles yet, but I'm hoping that changes tonight.  I'm doing mine a bit different.  Since I'm on a yarn diet and I wasn't planning on this knit, I'm stash-diving.  But I only had cotton in my stash in sweater quantity for worsted weight yarn.  The pattern calls for wool but I'm going to experiment.  If it doesn't work than it doesn't work.  But it is always worth a try, right?

Also still plugging away at Miss A's Purple Yoked Cardigan.  Hopefully I'll post again about it soon as a Finished Object!  I just have about 2 more inches on the one sleeve, then I have to knit the next one.  I also think I have the perfect buttons I just have to search for them because I've apparently misplaced all the new buttons I bought from Etsy.  And I really want to tell you about them.

Ravelry Project: Purple Yoked Cardigan

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  1. Is she not a cutey! What a pretty sweater too. I just tried spinning last week on a drop spindle. I think it will take LOTS of practice! And I'm sure I'll want a wheel if I get into it. If I can save money on yarn I'm all for it! LOL! I have more time than money! Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.


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