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Back to WIP Wednesday.  I always have a lot of projects on the needles, but typically I spend 80% of my time working on one thing.  So from now I plan to only feature the one project I'm working on.  If it's the same next week I probably won't do another WIP post on it.  I figure that I get a lot of redundancies on my blog, and that's one thing I'd like to change.  I'll post when there is a lot of progress, but I don't want to bore my readers (or myself) with the same thing week after week.

So here it is!  This weeks project.  And you may even remember it.  My Reader's Choice shawl, where readers voted on the yarn and pattern last year.  All the way back in April.  It seems like so long ago.  And then it went into hibernation in May when I went on a trip since beading is not the best travel knitting.  When I returned we moved into a new house and it stayed in hibernation.  Till now.  Working on this is joyful and finishing it is one of my new year goals. 

Pattern: The Age of Brass And Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower
Beads: 6/0 Seed beads, Transparent Lilac from Fire Mountain Gems

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  1. So pretty! I remember this project from April. Love the beadwork.


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