WIP Wednesday #2 - Or Lack There Of

I really have nothing to show for today.  Nothing that shows you any real progress anyway.  I've been battling with this darn Roo Two.  I cannot wait till this thing is off the needles.  And truthfully I think it's why I don't have much to show for the week.  I know I'm in need of getting it done, so trying to force myself to knit only that more often than not leads to less knitting.  I've gotten a good bit of it done today though!  I'm thinking maybe I don't love toys that much.  At least not this one.  We'll see how it turns out.  I just keep doubting the way it's going to look.

Something new.  I have casted on for Tootsie Sock.  Then frogged it.  Now I have about 1/2 of the toe re-knit in size 0 needles.  Second project in size 0's right now, and discovering that I don't have anymore needles in that size.  You know what that means?  Needle shopping here we come!  Both pairs of socks I am currently working on are both in US Size 0, or 2.00 mm, so either I'm working with heavy sock weight or my gauge is changing.  I typically knit my socks in size 2.50 mm.

The reason I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles at once?  No, I haven't set aside my Forbidden Socks, I just joined Sock The Vote!  It's a KAL run by Mel or MSkiKnits on Ravelry, of the SingleHandedKnits podcast.  Its a fun KAL where there are different parties, Toe Up, Cuff Down, Undecideds, and the Green Party.   They all have catchy names and each party ordered a party bag which included the yarn they would knit their socks in, among other goodies.  The Green party is the only party where you didn't have to make a purchase to participate, so alas, that's my party!  You can knit any type of sock as long as there is green in your yarn.  Instead of trying to understand my explanation though, it would be advised to check out the SingleHandedKnits forum on Ravelry, or better yet watch the podcast!

One of the first things associated with STV was to post a clever picture of your supplies.  My Tootsie Socks are being knit with some of my gorgeous Wollmeise, and it's October.  So I went with a Oktoberfest theme!  What could be more appropriate?  So meet my Socktober The Vote Sock "before" picture!
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  1. Very cute picture..haven't read your blog in awhile..and seems like you haven't blogged in awhile...I caught up with you on the Subway Knits Rav forum...


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