FO Friday #1 - Presents Galore

I missed last week.  I don't have anything new this week, but since I missed last weeks FO Friday I will share with you now!  Lots of presents!  The nice thing about waiting is I have pictures of recipients!

First and foremost is some dyed yarn.  I dyed it for the Pay It Forward Handmade I'm doing so if you are one of those three people it just might be for you!!  I think it would make some lovely socks!  It was also a bit of an experiment.  I used a very different dyeing method this go round, so I will be sure to post about my process later this week because I remembered to take pictures!

We had a bit of a treat last week.  A dear friend of my husband's (and mine!) visited all the way from South Carolina.  And he drove!  He's on the left, my hubs is on the right. Well, my husband sure was thrilled to have him here.  Of course I was reminded of the hat I was going to make him, a matching hat to my husband's Turn A Square Hat.  So I was guilted into knitting the hat for him in two days before he left.  I finished it in one!  Yay! Go me!  I just happened to look at the date I posted about my husband's and it was almost exactly a year ago - give or take a few days - from when I finished this one.  I guess it goes to show, as soon as fall comes around I really do start knitting hats!  They enjoyed being twins, as you can tell!

In May I started knitting The Boneyard Shawl.  I didn't talk about it much, except to mention I was knitting a Grad Gift.  I sent it off this week and of course forgot to take pictures.  But now I have better pictures to show anyway!  I picture of it on the recipient!  This is a dear friend Teresa, whom I've known since I was in High School.  I dated her brother, I've lived in her parents house, and our parents are still best friends.  So of course so are we!  I needed to do something special for her when she graduated from college, so I asked her what her favorite colors were.  One of them was pink.  I found this color of Lang Yarns Tosca Light in my stash (a Germany purchase) and it was just begging to be hers.  I also believe it whispered to me that it must become a Boneyard Shawl, nothing else would have been good enough.  Now, look at that smile on Teresa's face.  Do you think she liked it?!

Just a side note....please leave comments so I know you've found me after I've moved!  Thanks!!


  1. Boneyard looks lovely. She seems to really like it.

  2. The yarn you dyed is beautiful


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