WIP Wednesday #3 - My Week In a Sock

Another update on Sock The Vote 2012 (the 1st of hopefully many to come!).  The guidelines for this week depended a bit on how your sock was constructed.  If you don't knit socks you might not be aware, but there are several ways to knit a sock ex. one at a time toe up, two at a time up, one at a time cuff down, two at a time cuff down.  Oh so many options and some people even go as far as 4 or 6 at a time!  Now, I'm not calling these people over-achievers but, well, if the name fits?  I'm making my socks one at a time (I always do one at a time) toe up.  So my guideline for week one, which ended Monday would be to have my sock knit up to the gusset.

I started with the Tootsie pattern.  The first time I cast on the toe it was huge!  The pattern calls for 2.5 mm needles, which is the size I typically make my socks with anyhow.  I dropped down to 2.0 mm.  To give perspective, that's also known as US Size 0!  Here's where I knit to with that.

Still way too big with my toe.  Now here is where I suppose I made the biggest mistake.  To avoid doing math at the time, I decided I would just find a new pattern and work with only the Wasabi colorway instead of doing two colors.  So I proceeded to frog once again and cast on for the Meava sock.  Such a lovely pattern and perfect for a solid color of Wollmeise.  I automatically started with that wonderful US Size 0 again.  Still the toe seemed just a tad big.  But I tried to work with it.  I decreased by just two stitches after the toe was done.  The cabling definitely tightened the sock so the foot was perfect with this decrease.  So now I have this little pucker in the toe I've been arguing with.  "Can I put up with you or not!?"  Decisions, decisions.  So I just kept going.

Doesn't it look so nice?  Who wants to frog that?  I didn't!  But I started listening to the latest episode of Subway Knits this morning.  She was talking about a similiar predicament she was having and in the back of her head she heard GiGi from The Knitmore Girls saying "If you don't like it now, you won't like it later.  Just rip it out!"  And that did it for me.  I now have a sock that looks like this.  So much for that goal of getting to the gusset two days ago!!

I've decided for the sake of Sock The Vote and the fact that I'd really like to catch up, I'm going to put these Wollmeise Wasabi socks on hold, as much as I want to continue on.  I'm going to use the leftover Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball I used for the contrast color of my Daybreak.  I'm hoping I can get a pair of  shorty socks out of them.  Hopefully I can catch up.  Like I said, I should have just done the math in the first place.  Sometimes the thing that seems like the most work is the shortcut in the long run.  Please learn from my mistakes.  Go check out more WIP Wednesday posts!

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