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So this is a bit sad, but proves how crazy my life is right now.  This post is the one I wrote last week.  Just never got the pictures up.  2 Weeks ago, my husband got the official paper copy of his orders, so last week our move date was scheduled.  Guess when that day is?  Next week!  Official chaos time.  So much to do.  Not only to prepare for movers, but to prepare for the 2 weeks my kiddo and I will be spending in the house without any "stuff".  And then there is close to a week of traveling.  Then you know, there is that small thing to do about when we get there....making sure we have a place to live!  So yeah, I've been busy.  Luckily I think the "place to live" is all taken care of.  Oh yeah....and 2 visitors in the next week.  So, this is Army life for you.  You don't always get 4 or 5 months to prepare for PCS.

So long since I've shared for an FO Friday post - at least that of the knitting persuasion.  A few things to share.  #1 - I'm done with the Armchair Travel KAL.  But there is still time!  The KAL goes till Sept 2, so please pop over and join us!!  Maria is giving away some great prizes for it!  I started out knitting a hat but low and behold not enough yardage (even though I should have.  hmph!) so I started and finished the Clara Cowl.  I was a bit confused with this one at the beginning, but kept on working along and boy is it a clever knit!  The way the cabling turns it into a reversible braid is so adorable.  Turned out cute as a button.  It's such a nice quick knit I think I could knit more.

#2 - Finished my Follow Your Arrow shawl a few weeks back, and blocked it.  But put it into my closet without weaving in the ends.  So today's task - weave in ends and take picture!

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  1. Its absolutely gorgeous! Sooner is better, then you'll be settled faster.....


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