That Giant Sweater

I swear I feel like I'm knitting for a Giant.  My husband is a smallish guy.  I can't imagine if I was knitting for my Dad or someone of similar size.  I feel bad for all too many knitters I know that have more gigantor husbands right now.  I tried on the shoulders for the Helicopter Guy (I need something to call him on the blog.  That's his new name) and asked if he liked it.

Here's our conversation.
Me - "Do you like it?"
HG - "Yes of course I do.  If I didn't it wouldn't matter now though, you have this much done."
Me - "I'd rather start over, then knit a whole sweater you won't wear."
HG - "I'd wear it even if I didn't like it, because you made it for me."

I appreciate the sentiment and all, but really?  At least I know he loves me that much.  But the whole point of knitting is making something someone will get some use out of.  Granted I do make a lot of things I won't wear (mostly shawls) but they are always gifted to someone who will.  God help me, if he doesn't like this sweater, I'm giving it away to anyone that does.  Even after all the work.  Next time I pick a sweater for him it's going to be more of a "masculine" color (although he loves red), and more of a gansey type pattern.

I'd love to say I've been concentrating on the sweater too, and I was till I ran out of caked yarn.  I need to cake more and the only place in our house right now that I can put up the swift is on our TV stand and we were in the middle of the movie.  So I moved to something else.  Finished my Arm Chair KAL project and will share that on Friday.  Also ripped out one pair of socks, and plan to rip out another as well.  I'd really like to finish Miss A's sweater, which won't take too long.  Then as far as moving knitting I'm thinking Helicopter Guy's sweater, a sweater for myself, and a cowl I think I will be test knitting.  Of course if our household goods get packed a while before our move date, then I will have a lot of time for knitting.  More time than I might be able to handle.

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  1. I can relate. My husband is bigger and I've made him two sweaters now that took a lifetime and a half each to make and he Never. Ever. Wears them. Granted, the first one I made him is ugly as sin but the second one turned out fine. Good luck with the sweater!


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