What's In a Name?

So my first blog was called Sudden Expression because it was a place I wanted to express anger towards certain people in my life without them knowing.  This was years ago and later used the same name to coin my Ravelry screen name.  So when I wanted a knitting blog I wanted to connect it to my Rav name (for some unknown reason).  I seemed to think my "readers" needed to connect the two, or something.  Because you know, I had such a big following.  I laugh out loud since I honestly wonder sometimes if anyone besides a certain select few ever reads it now.  But for a long time I've really been disconnected with it and wasn't really happy that the name wasn't somehow knitting related.  I mean yes, you can stretch it and say that your knitting is an expression of yourself, but I've been telling myself that for too long.  So I've decided on a name change.  I almost changed platforms (from Blogger) as well, but I've done that in the past and honestly don't want to lose my content.  So hopefully a name change and a little revamp will make me happy.  So, welcome to Sip 1, Knit 1.  My new home.

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