New Year for Me

I've actually had a great year this year.  So many things accomplished, I'm finally getting my house together and organized, and my daughter is getting so big and provides such joy.  Granted we've had our downsides.  The biggest was saying goodbye to my husband during his long deployment.

2014 will bring great things I'm sure.  But just so you understand an Army wife's thought process I'm sitting here thinking that it will either be an amazing year with a homecoming, or the worst year of my life from that dreaded knock on the door.  That's the way we think, sadly.  Especially after we just lost 5 soldiers from my husbands battalion.  I don't think I've talked about that here.  A heart wrenching few hours of not knowing if my husband was ok after hearing his type of aircraft went down in his area.  Turns out he was on the recovery mission instead.  I'm really going to try not to take advantage of anything after that experience.  I'm not going to dwell on it either or sit at home constantly worrying.  I'm going to spend quality time with my daughter and make every moment count.  That's the theme this year.  (the Knitmore girls do themes instead of resolutions).  There's so much that them encompasses.  Time with my daughter, not sitting around on my butt and my cell phone,  not eating when I can be working out.  Or knitting.  Or sewing. Or blogging. Seriously if I added up all the 5-10 minute increments I sit here playing candy crush or cruising Facebook I could do so much with that extra time! So here's to 2014!

                                                  2014 - Make every moment count

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  1. Good things to come.....putting out the positive.....Have a great New Year...


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