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A post about deployment.  It's something that I knew was going to be part of my life since the moment I met my husband.  It's something I knew was inevitable.  It's something I thought wouldn't be too hard.

I still don't know how hard it's going to be.  And no matter how hard it is, I still know I can handle it (at least better than some wives I've seen).  I'll keep myself busy.  I'll go visit some people.  I'll watch alot of tv.  I'll put my daughter in programs and daycare and I won't go stir crazy.

But these past couple of weeks have been challenging.  That's really the only word to describe it.  The next couple of weeks will continue to be challenging.  As the deployment drags on it might get easier, but who knows, it might just get harder.  What I do know is that it's very heart-wrenching to watch the love of you life pack up 4 bags (most of which is Army issued, he won't need when he's there and leaves very little room for actual personal items) that he will live out of for the next nine months.  It's sad really.

Just an FYI and side-note.  I won't be making a deployment tag for my posts related.  I'll be listing them under family.  This makes it harder for bad people to get a hold of the wrong information and for anyone to try to target me, my husband or my husband's unit.

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